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Your MC's musings were sad, yet humorous. The last line is priceless.
"Men, men, men!"
Had my share of "Men!" moments, and I've fumed as much as your MC. Thanks for showing us the funny side of anger.:)
Hoo boy, been there, done that. This was a fun, well-written piece. Thanks for sharing.
Oh, I love the last line. Very cute. I was a little surprised she didn't mind serving at a MEN'S breakfast when she ws so upset. I was waiting for a sarcastic remark when her pastor left. I enjoyed this and the MC's thoughts! Good job.
Great voice here.
In the end, our greatest regrets will be what we should have said and what we should have done in the time we had left to do it.

In this story the MC had the advantage of finding out what she should have said. But in reality we will always have to wonder . . . Did I do enough?

More descriptive emotion on the part of the MC would have been nice. But overall it is a great story, and more importantly a great message to all of us.
LOL. Don't ask me how in the world I did it but, my comment above was being posted to a different story. LOL. So ignor that one; here's the right one for you. LOL

Let's see now, first of all I'm a man. But this is a good story. I think my wife may talk to herself in much the same way as the MC. It was a good journey through her thoughts. Great job.