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The message shines clearly through your story. Tell your loved ones about salvation; do not let their anger deter you.
Powerful message reminded me of the story of the rich man and Lazarus. Good job.
A very good lesson and reminder for us all. We have a job to do. Nicely done.
This is frightening and convicting. Great job and great story.
Ouch! There's not a person here, I reckon, who can't relate to this!

Since you asked for complete honesty--I loved it up until the "it was a dream" revelation. I've just always found that device over-used, and the "easy way out." Why not just have the event have really happened? Now THAT would be truly powerful!

The phone call at the very end is about giving us a little more about your MC's emotions by having her fingers tremble, etc.?

Thanks for being so transparent with us...I suspect that your story will poke at many of our hearts.
Oh, this brought me to tears. I appreciate you sharing and it's a story that will remain with me. Excellent writing.
Oh how true. I loved the description of Janet looking in the mirror with the flames and the reflection of her aunt. What a great lesson. I feel guilty for not instantly picking up the phone to call someone. Very creative.
Very convicting - hopefully will motivate a lot of people to share the Good News of Salvation. I know I'm guilty of the "someone else will tell them" syndrome. Thanks for sharing your heart and your story. Have you called your uncle yet? :)
Great way to present this message. This "reflection" is something we all see staring back at us from time to time. I liked the fact that it happened as she "woke up." Great writing.
Oh, wow. The moment I read the line that ends, "and now it's too late." It hit me. What a powerful and convicting piece! And PERFECT for "Angry." Makes me think that people getting angry at me for sharing the gospel in this lifetime doesn't even compare to the anger they will feel if I don't. Excellent piece. This will stick with me...

Oh, yes, this story will convict many of its readers - and rightfully so! I liked the concept of talking to the aunt in the mirror surrounded by flames. This is good...very good.
I am a dummy. LOL I posted my comment for this story onto the neighboring story. But better late than never. :)

In the end, our greatest regrets will be what we should have said and what we should have done in the time we had left to do it.

In this story the MC had the advantage of finding out what she should have said. But in reality we will always have to wonder . . . Did I do enough?

More descriptive emotion on the part of the MC would have been nice. But overall it is a great story, and more importantly a great message to all of us.
Wow! This packed a wallop! I think the alarm clock took away from the impact of the piece, but the immediate action of calling was great. How was she feeling when she called? I loved the image of the flames in the mirror--excellent! Hugs!!
Four stars my friend. Still sends chills up my spine. Bravo.
You painted a realistic picture of our need to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. Wonderful writting, my friend!
Awesome writing Joanne. I love way you used this mirror to get the message of this piece across. Well done!
Joanne, I've often been guilty of not talking about Christ's plan of salvation to my friends or relatives who might feel "uncomfortable". Especially the ones who have a religion of their own that doesn't include the plan of Jesus! Your story made me realize that my loved ones will be more than "uncomfortable" in the pits and fire of Hell! I resolve to be more up-front with them than I have in the past.
What a message to tell! We just had a sermon on this Sunday and this really ht home! Great writing and very creative!
I have chills. This was superb, convicting, and flat out very well written.
Very well written, Joanne. This has such an amazing message!
Everyone needs to read this piece. Ouch. I needed this.