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This is an awesome story of a love so deep, it must not be sullied by anger at one too evil to even think about.
May the day soon come when that which is buried will indeed be dead, never to be resurrected again. Wonderful writing., this is powerful. The writing and descriptions are excellent. I can't imagine the anger one would feel over such a thing. Well done.
This made my heart ache. Wow. Amazing. Masterful. Excellent.
Beautifully written about a heart-wrenching subject. I'm sure it was a very difficult piece to did it with love and dignity.
Even though this is absolutely on topic, I'm putting it down as one of the most tender and touching love stories I've ever read. Just beautiful.
The best I've read so far. Your story touched me in deep places; your writing pierced my heart.
This was so beautifully written that it left me speechless. The anger that rose up in you against the man who violated her was palpable. But when I finished reading I thought, "Wasn't God good to replace that horrible man in her childhood with a man such as this writer? Every wife desires one thing from her husband more than anything else: to be cherished. You cherish your wife.

You are a prince, a gift from God to the precious,needy,deserving
wife you call your own! God bless you!
I read this a few days ago but didn't leave a comment because I was left speechless. Now, just pulling it up on my screen, I got instant chills. This is so tender and good. It touched me. Thanks!
What a remarkable and beautiful story of hope and love. I teared up when I read of your wife's terrible abuse at such a tender age. And I teared up again at your description of what you want to be to her as a husband. You're both testimonies of the power of God to restore what was taken and His ability to heal such deep hurts. Though she suffers still, she triumphs, too! I see your article as a wonderful tribute to your wife. And I can feel the love and respect you have for her because of it all. God bless you both for sharing this powerful story. It's one of my favorites.
I can only reiterate what others have said. It brought tears to my eyes and I understood the anger. You have tenderly told such a bittersweet story.
I am wiping my eyes, this is so prescious, tender and full of love and adoration. Yes, it fits the anger genre perfectly yet it still shows God's grace, compassion and His provisions of healing.Praise the Lord for His mercy and new hope. What a wonderful story of such a horrendous ordeal-it is filled with courage and hope and spoke to my heart in such a special way. Thank you so much for sharing this Thomas. Lord bless you and your wife with a special peace,restoration and healing. It sounds like you both have began to triumph over this traumatic experience and with the Lord's help and time the shadows of painful memories will one day be erased. Thank you for being such a knight in shining armour for your partner.WOW!
Keep up with writing and expressing-it helps other readers and heals the inner pain.
I've loved so many this week but this is the first where I have tears not just from the emotional response that is impossible to ignore, but the sheer beauty you just put to "paper." Your writing absolutely belongs in Masters. Thanks for sharing this story.
Congratulations! This definitely deserves 1st place status. You evoked such raw emotion throughout this piece. Sadly it is a topic many of us relate to as well. Blessings to you and your wife.

Congratulations Loren, you are definately a winner!
I was really moved by this wonderful piece of writing. I can't get the image of your wife's silent scream out of my head. To know that adults that are suppose to protect did harm or even worse...did nothing. Congratulations on a well deserved win.
When I read this, it brought tears to my eyes. Powerful writing. Congrats!
Loren, Congratulations. This is phenomenal,amazing. What a blessing you are to your beautiful wife. Powerful writing, yet tender at the same time. It brought me to tears. Love and blessings, Teri
Great courage displayed in taking this on, great angle and approach to the true story, fantastic blend of reality and literary technique....Congratulations.
Congratulations on your 1st place. And congratulations to your wife for her bravery in life.

This is extremely well written. Your descriptions are incredible. I really "felt" every emotion with you. Wonderful job -- again.
Way to go! 1st place awesome. When I read this last night I thought to myself that this truly deserved to place since it is so full of beauty and sentiment rising from the ashes. WOW!GREAT WRITING!
What a beautiful, heart-wrenching piece. You took me for a ride on one huge emotional roller coaster, I felt goosebumps at the end. Awesome writing friend-glad I could make it to a PC to read such wonderful work. ^_^
I love the way you describe your wife--poetry within prose! And yes, she must be very brave to have stared it in the face and to have learned to love anyway. Powerful emotions and beautiful writing. Congratulations on your 1st place win!
Loren, Loren, this awesome story should be published! It is so beautifully, tenderly, compassionately written. I, too, am deeply touched by your writing and by the bravery of your wife in allowing you to share it with us. Please, thank her for me.

CONGRATULATIONS, my friend, on your totally deserved win! This is spectacular!
Oh my, Loren, what an extraordinary piece. Myrna Joy is right - please thank your wife. It is truly through sharing our own experiences, especially the harsh ones, we are able to help others. God has placed together a perfect pair. From every word it's so easy to see just how much you need one another.
Riveting! Absolutely anointed of the Holy Spirit to bring healing to the broken hearted. This is one of the MOST POWERFUL and BEAUTIFUL pieces I've ever read at FaithWriters. May God enlarge your writing territory and may you aid in the healing of many wounded souls who are haunted by the years of past defeats! You have found your ministry.... May God bless you!
Loren, I read this almost a year ago but it was just too close to home to write a comment. My son was abused when he was little by a relative. This was so well expressed. People just have no awareness how even inappropriate touching is so devastating. God has made our bodies sacred temples and when they are encroached, it touches our very souls. People just have no idea, do they? I'm thankful they've never experienced it. Wonderful writing. You inspire me!
I loved the way this story played out. At first you question why she would be so upset and even blame the husband for not hearing her scream, but then it all starts to make sense and brings forth emotions and reaction. This was a beautiful story, very passionate and well written.