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The title is so approprite for this story. That the cycle can be broken gives hope to us all, because as you've written, such sensless acts can seem to be forever perptetual.
How sad--the chain of abuse from father to son. You have described it well. The story of whether he beat-up or whether he killed his wife tantalizes the reader.
Powerful piece. Great work.
This brought tears to my eyes. I could feel the anger and sadness.
Oh wow. This is so powerful and moving. I have chills. Wonderful writing.
Oh, excellent! Just love the unanswered questions - kept me absolutely intrigued. You definitely "got me" with his current residence. Great stuff.
Great job! This surely fits the topic! The emotion is well displayed through descriptive dialogue. This piece is so tragic and what even makes it more so is the fact that the situation you wrote about goes on and on in society.
Your ending was unexpected. I could almost hear the cell door shut. WOW! Keep up the wonderful writing!
Oh, that ending really got me! Very good story--the situation is all too real and you've dealt with it unflinchingly.

I had to keep mentally revising Mark's age and circumstances--there were points when his dialog seemed very young, and times much older and more articulate. Something to look at, perhaps?

Through my husband's job, I've learned that this cycle is almost impossible to break--but you've given us a welcome ray of hope. Great job.
I'm so glad that this ended with a little glimmer of hope. You did a wonderful job of showing cause and effect.
What a message! How well written. It was a slam dunk at the end. A tremendous piece. Wow!
I'm also glad of that hope-filled ending. As I read this, I could sense the hatred this man had for his Dad, so I was torn between understanding him because of his terrible childhood, and being repulsed that he could do the same thing to his wife and child. But, this is the reality of what happens when children are involved in this kind of family behavior. You got me totally involved in this story! Great writing.
Very intense emotions are brought to life in your writing. Good job.
Woohooo! Congrats, Lynda!
Just wanted to add my congratulations to your placement. Reading this article meant a lot to me and I was glad to see it recognized - Loren
This is some very real writing about a hard topic. Well done!