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What a sad picture you have painted so vividly of the victims of another's anger. The line that grips my heart is "I had no choice but to shut down my heart." This is an extrordinarly well written story of anger.
Well-written story. Your last paragraph was the capstone.
Aww, I could feel this child's pain. I love the descriptions in this. This is superb writing.
Vivid descriptions in this piece. I could sense the anger in the room and feel the MC's sadness.
Amazingly vivid descriptions and emotions. Wow. A truly masterful piece.
You painted a very realistic picture with all the details included in this piece. My heart hurt for that child, as well as the adult that can't move past that part of childhood. Excellent writing.
You know how to paint word pictures, that's for sure! This dear person wasn't just part of the sandwich generation but the club sandwich generation. It gives me pause, though, to wonder if someday I'll be giving off those unwelcomed sighs for the millionth time while my children look at me with weary, tired-of-it-all eyes.

Very descriptive piece. You know how to flesh out a subject. I'll bet you're an artist on the side.
You've done an excellent job of conveying the emotions and tension that go along with living in an emotionally abusive household...and the scars that go along with it. Good writing.