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Great use of words, put a smile on my face. And I love the idea of my own pink remote, hmm where's that charge card.....
I just absolutely love this.Humorous and anger at the same time. I liked it so much I called and read it to a friend
I loved this humorous poem. I read it to my hubby, who laughed with me at this picture of us. You're a very creative writer!
This poem is just delightful to read. Very well done!
Clever and fun. Love the title - and the meter and message of this. Delightful.
You'll never regret that second TV, and a remote ALL to yourself! So funny, and true.
As I was reading and enjoying this cute, fun poem, I kept thinking, "GET ANOTHER TV!" I am so glad she did. And a pink remote to boot. This is wonderful!
I got the biggest kick out of this! You packed anger and humor all up into one. Good work!
LOVE the title--and the poem itself is light and delightful--not easy to do with a topic like "angry." Super!
The pink remote I was not expecting. Ooo that's so cruel. (LOL) This was definitely a fun read. Good Job.
Oh, what fun! A real treat that shines like a mirror for so many of us, I'm sure! I too loved the ending. You gave us what we were rooting for, the extra TV, but threw in the great little surprise, the PINK remote! Perfect!
I like the title. A fun read, and it raised a chuckle or two. Sometimes a little close to the bone, which is a good thing. Putting a good message in rhyme and meter takes a bit of work. Well done.
hehehehehe What is it with the remote, anyhow? Very clever and well-done.
How sweet. I was hoping she would get her own TV. And the pink remote is a nice touch. It's good to read the lighter side of anger. Great poem and the title is perfect.

What a fun take on anger. I also like showing the romantic side of the husband.
I absolutely love the pink remote!! Think he'll get the picture? lol. Great job! I enjoyed laughing while reading about anger! :-) Hugs!!
Loved the title! A great picture of what we women ALL know about men ... yhose mean old remote clickers.

Very good rhyming and meter, clever words. Brought a nice comic relief!
Great chuckles here. Very clever poem. Humorous stated "anger". Love the pink remote...I need one of those. Except I fight for it with my daughter (she gets that from her father)!
This is too cute and almost too true! However, I do admit to sitting through more than one of Paula Dean's cooking shows...the payoff? A great dinner : )
Like this! You hit a bullseye!
I love this, could that title be any more perfect?? This was brilliant, start to finish.
Nice poem, humorous, easy to read and flows well. Story completed at end.
ROFL! How many wives (and husbands) can relate to this one? Love the title, love the humor, love the poem. Too fun - great work!