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Aww...what a darling story! I think you've found another niche for your writing, lol! You really ought to send this to a kid's magazine.

Poor little Midnight, though. :(
This prose reads like beautiful poetry. This is a delightful story.
Captivating! The mood you set with your descriptions and writing style reminded me of the dark undertones in Grimm's Fairy Tales. This is a very creative, and stirring, "tail".
This is absolutely EXCELLENT in every way. I just love everything about this story - the characterization, the setting of the scene, the emotion, EVERYTHING. Every word is exactly as it should be. I really hope this does well!
Boy, how do you do this? it is sooooo imaginative, creative, visual, beautiful, and every other adjective possible. Love it!
This reads like a beautiful Greek or Roman mythology story. Great descriptions.
Absolutely lovely "tail." You've got the "voice" of fairy tales and fables down pat.

This is really nit-picky of me, but I just know there are kids (I would have been one of them) who will point out that there are many days in the month when the moon is actually seen in the daylight. Not sure how to get around that...

I was delighted to read about how the dalmatian got its spots, and when I saw that unfolding, it made me grin.
My, My!! I'm impressed. Very smooth, poetic writing with great images. I love a writer who gives me a visual. Superb job, once again. God bless.
I'm particularly fond of this story. My granddaughter loves Dalmations. She would absolutely adore this story, as do I. Thank you for sharing it.
What a wonderful legend! I loved every word ^_^
Wow, I'm speechless . . . or nearly so. This was enchanting; a delightful & enjoyable read.
Oh I do so hope this does well! It is so beautiful. The sad is a haunting, heart-breaking kind of sad, with a light touch of humor as to how dalamations came about. Good job-excellent! ^_^ One of my favorites for this week!
Beautifully told. Wanted to hold on to each magical moment and make it last.
Oh hon, my how beautiful a tale,(tail),hehe. This is so prescious! I have to read this to our 6 year old daughter-she will love it but probably tear up when Midnight is gone. She is my lil' doggie lover, every animal lover at that and will certainly like this story. Well done!!!!
I'm so sad about what happened to Midnight! But an absolutely wonderful story. Dogs and fairy could things get any better than that?
This is so unique and original. It is a great fairy tale/legend. You are so talented.
***Congrats on your highly commended!***