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You pulled me right into the story, and held me captive! Masterwriting all the way! Oh, and the title is perfect! Now tissue, please!

Did I foget to say I like your choice of names?
What a beautiful story! I loved your little boy and his wise mother.
08/02/07 about a tear-jerker! I also thought he was talking about a frog or a (shudder) spider or something. But this was so much better! Great story-telling from beginning to end.
Wonderful dialog - Billy's second-grade voice sounded perfect. Right on topic, the sadness really invades when we find out just what was in his pocket. I love the mother's reassuring answers. Great ending line. Love it! :)
Wonderful story, and the reminder of all those dear people who we will see again one day, takes the edge off the sadness of their absence here. Very good.
This is sad. I could actually feel the sadness battling the victory in the writer's heart.
The opening was great with a superb visual. Very well written, with so much depth and honesty. I can't say anymore. God bless.
aww.. this was so tender and sweet.. .trying to figure out why Billy said HIM and Mom said IT... great touching story for all ages..
Emotional and sad story, but the little boy's innocence is touching. When my son's Dad died, he asked me if his Daddy drove his car to Heaven! (My son was 3.) Children can struggle with understanding where Heaven is, but they recognize the hope of seeing their loved ones again.
Tissues, please!! Wonderful writing! Very touching, with excellent descriptions. The way you used the pronoun discrepency was very effective. Hugs!!
This is a perfect example of the slice-of-life sort of story that's ideally suited for our 750 word limit. Very nicely rendered!
Sad but uplifting. A mixture of tears and joy in this piece. Clearly shows how even the things we lose in life, both small and great, can lead to a deeper understanding of the things we have gained. Beautifully characterized.
Wonderful skill in dialogue here! I feel like I really know this mom and son. Such a heartfelt entry! I want to hug that precious boy too. ;-)
This is so sweet, and the message is loud and clear. Like others have said, I wasn't sure what he had flushed, and *almost* didn't want to know. ;0) Visions of unfortunate tadpoles were haunting me.
Two thumbs up for this one.
Excellent storytelling with a wonderful uplifting message.
You rode the edge between sadness and tenderness very well. Great job!
I absolutely loved this! Creative and an unexpected twist thrown in. Great job!
This is wonderful. I loved the interaction between Billy and his mother. Very realistic. You caught me off guard when Billy lost a picture of his deceased father. I thought it was a frog or something. Very powerful moment. Great job.
Tender and honest. I could see everything happening it seemed so real.
The intrique for me was in the use of "it" and "he". I liked that you kept that going for awhile before we found out "who" and "what" they referred to. Yes, sad, but not too heavy. Great job!
WOWZA hon! First I thought the little guy had lost a frog or a bug or something and felt for him but when I realized that he had lost a photo of his daddy my heart sank. Great emotions and dialogue here! I love the hope that mom gives her young son and at the end how he decides to maybe look at another photo afterall. Well written! Hats off Joanne! Hugs, Lord bless.
Very creative title, and overall a very sweet piece. I enjoyed reading it very much! :)
Oooh, you trick me here. I was thinking about a lizard or maybe a goldfish until I realized he couldn't carry a fish in his pocket. Nice job and good twist. I'm glad he decided to get another picture after all.
Whoa, a ton of comments - not too much new I could add. ;-) This is beautiful. The interaction between mother and son is perfect. I feel like I could read this over and over again. Excellent job; good luck! (Here's my little joke: I will be "sad" if this doesn't place!)
You captured my heart with this story. Wonderful writing my friend!
This is exquisite writing! It was sad but not overdone. It was real, the dialogue was great, this was exceptional.
Congratulations! This is one of my favorites of yours!
This is so sweet. Congrats on the win.
Wonderful, nostalgic story. Congrats on the win.
Absolutely beautiful! Congratulations! ~Gina
Congratulations girlfriend! You've been in Master's how long ... and already in EC?

Beautiful story. Thanks.
Congratulations. You did a great job with Billy's emotions. I could feel his pain in losing his dad. Nice writing.