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You really do have bittersweet nailed. Can I have lessons? I laughed aloud several times in this piece, but in the end it's the words about faith bridging the gap between sadness and joy whcih I shall remember. Oh, and youth in Asia...
I was with the MC through every happy, funny, sad, and funny moment. That's good writing.
I love this! You really showed us Peggy in some very unique ways - and her wonderful Savior too. Perfect ending.
You've captured how your character retained her uniqueness throughout her life perfectly. The song she requested for her funeral said it all.
I making notes for my funeral — it might as well reflect ME, just like Peggy's did. Great writing, super story and wonderful twist.
I loved this... How wonderful that her funeral was so full of joy to celebrate her life.. and if you really knew Peggy? Now we feel like we do... great writing...
I may have to borrow this idea at my own funeral someday! It's perfect. Even though we say we shouldn't cry because the Christian has gone to Heaven, we always do. I can't imagine anyone crying through this song! Great story. :)
I really enjoyed this piece. Your characterization is excellent, right from the beginning - drew me in right away. You have a real gift for writing!!
What a wonderful gift it is to toss the stereotypes and throw yourself a party when you die. Peggy chose just the right song for her going home celebration. Wonderfully done PRECIOUS.Thnk God for the Peggy-s of our lives
Your golden gift for writing never ceases to amaze me. I would love to see a book published, with a collection of your short stories.
I liked the memories interchanging with the present. Great job as always. God bless.
I now have something to add to my "in event of death" file: Do Hokey Pokey at Funeral. I love it. I also would have loved Peggy. Great job.
Peggy is my kind of girl. I have already request that my parrots be in attendance at my funeral, and I want people to laugh and dance and have fun. Thank you for making Peggy real to me.
This was a really enjoyable read. Well done.
You are amazing, dear friend! What a beautifully written story...again! Wow...sure wish I could write prose like you do! Just perfect.
I loved this! Now that's the way to go. Wonderful piece.
It's often sad how we lose touch with friends we once held dear. You relayed emotion well in this piece--I especially liked the bit of humor at the end with the hokey pokey ^_^
Wow, what a wonderful entry! You brought tears to my eyes, but also made me smile... Great job!
Loved this happy sad funny article. The flashbacks were well done, flowing nicely into the story.
another wonderful story with superb characters, woven together with traits that bring them to life (or back to life in this case). Congrats on building that bridge.
This is great, came back into this level to leave a comment here as this is beyond the scope of the competitors. Bravo, I loved the humor, the POV, and the mood incorporated into the theme. Thanks.
Wonderfull created. Sadness mixed with humor and some poingant memories. Well written. Love it!
Enjoyed the flashbacks that brought out the friendship and characterizations of the two women in their younger days. Nicely done.
It was very sad to think about such a great friendship drifting apart...But I enjoyed the little twist at the end, and it definitely seemed to fit the character of her friend.
"Youth in Asia" heehee, I just love that bit. It was so fun. Peggy reminds me of a dear friend I know, right down to her fearless desposition. ^_^ nice touch with the lyrics at the end. Made it more real.
This reminds me a great deal of the play Thorton Wilder's "Our Town" when those that have passed on sit in chairs in the graveyard, and Emily states that if those living only knew how precious each moment is - even the most mundane. You've echoed those sentiments wonderfully!
You did an awesome job of bringing these charactors alive. What a wonderful story!
This was a really well-written story.

I love the image of everyone doing the hokey-pokey at the funeral, although it might have worked a little better if you'd mentioned that one of Peggy's favorite songs was the "Hokey Pokey" ... or if you'd had her doing the hokey-pokey in life as part of the her fun-loving nature. As it is, the hokey pokey almost seemed to come from nowhere, although it wasn't completely implausible.

This was a fun read. Thanks for sharing it!
So well crafted! You wove the memories beautifully, and the end was a great twist.
Very well written story. I loved the contrast of the two personalities in the reminiscence paragraphs. Well done!
Winning again! This is well deserved, and I'm so happy for you.
What a wonderful memory piece. Congrats on the win.
Sad and funny at the same time. Congratulations!
I can clearly see why you are a it! What a surprise twist to the ending. Congratulations! ~Gina
Okay - you did it. And you did it good.

I was tempted to try and turn sad into humorous ... but you pulled it off perfect.

I can't believe it - chuckling to 'Put Your Right Hand Out.'

Your story was an absolute delight! Thank you for making me both cry and laugh within the same piece. I have to admit, I laughed OUT LOUD at the "Youth In Asia" portion of your story. The flashbacks are so real. I am left asking, "Is Peggy real or make believe". You are more than deserving of first place. Congratulations!

Dawn Thomason
You made me laugh while I cried! This is wonderful!! :-)
Kudos. Nice job!
Bah! This is a wonderfully fun piece. Your flashbacks really offer insight into who Peggy is...and the ending ties it all together so fantastically!