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WOW. You have some amazingly powerful images in this piece. Your writing is so visual it is tactile. You have absolutely painted a masterpiece with your words. I am still feeling deeply saddened and overwhelmed. Masterful.
I loved this piece. SO thought provoking.. and sad and horrible especially knowing the truth of it. I loved how you described the house to make the point of how desperation can be... I got sad reading it.
You have painted a truly sad portrait of the poor with your strong descriptive writing.
What a masterful account of the failures of government with it's empty promises. The descriptions are exceptional.
This is the second piece this week that I've read with a house as a "character", and this one, too, is very, very moving and well-written. Great minds run on the same track...

This is simply excellent.
Powerful, indeed! I can still feel the mud and smell the dankness of this inhospitable mountainside. What masterful description! Wonderful writing!
Powerfully and beautifully sad. Great job!
Okay, wow! This is amazing! I liked the descriptions, so very real! The you-are-there-atmosphere is incredibly powerful. ^_^
Definitely some sadness involved here...
Intriguing and well-written as a commentary of what I hopefully believe to be of another country than the USA. I can see such poverty and lack of concern outside out bounderies, but I might be naiave and overlooking the fact that it happens here as well. Nonetheless, it is a sad state of affairs to know that a government takes advantage of its people who believe they have a heart and genuinly care. The proof, I see, in this case, is the state of the homes they occupy.
Excellent writing. I particularly like your use of the wind. Definitely a sad situation. Your writing emotionally involves the reader. Well done!
You pointed the reader to a very grim and sad situation. Your description of the house is so vivid that you painted a picture of poverty before mentioning the word. Excellent job.