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You had a clever idea for illustrating the importance of listening. Well done.
Lovely story - I so appreciate that he was not a "charlatan" and that you explained why his sack worked. A wonderful reminder for all of us.
What a lovely story-and so true! I just read in a Prevention magazine recently that if you journal details about a tragedy in your life that you've been carrying around, you even have an improved memory.
Interesting story. I like how you have the end, with the sack still working after his death. Such a great message in this piece. ^_^
This is SOOOOOO good! Love it.
Sucha touching story. I love everything about it. Great writing!
This is a really unique way to tell your story and get your point across. It's lovely!
Creative and well written. I enjoyed this piece.
This had a visual appeal to it--I can see it as an episode of a television show. Well done!
Great opening. Left me with a good visual ti take me through the story. A great technique. Very Good! God bless.
I enjoyed every word of this story. You kept my interest. Great job!
You got your message across in a very unique way. It held my interest and the sack even worked after Gerald's death.
Whoa! What a story here hon. I like this tale, so differently written and my how beautiful! I love this. Awesome job!
Wow! I really, REALLY enjoyed this piece. The world could really use more people like Gerald, and it was great to even read about someone like him in a story.
Wow. What a neat piece. I'm so glad that he was "real" and that his sad sack worked. I am sad that he did die, but you worked around that so beautifully, this was just a pleasure to read. It's a favorite of mine for this week. ^_^
Wonderful and imaginative and true enough to be believed. Remember the Pet Rock craze and few years back? I could see Sad Sacks on the counters in stores, too. I bet they would sell like mad!
This was definitely one that was visual from start to finish. A great message and so creative, clever indeed!