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Love the title - and you certainly captured the energy of nine (NINE!!??) little ones. A fun read - I can just picture you with your hand on your nose!
A nice little bit of humor this week!

I especially loved this sentence: After today, I will be the one in need of stress therapy. And a box of Nice N Easy to cover the gray." Very funny! ^_^
You drew me in with the first line. "I love being a Grandma," and you kept me sharing with you the whole way through the story. After two little granddaughters, I was amazed that with two grandsons, I had to take the coffee table out of the great room to keep them from jumping on it. You took care of NINE??!!
Delightful! Good work.
I was laughing all the way through this because I just finished watching a 3 month old, (how hard could THAT be, I thought smugly), but I had to take a nap every day after the little guy left-forget cooking dinner-Whew!
Those 14 minutes were looonnngg, weren't they? Your story hit the spot with me!
How marvelous! I tried for humore this week, too, but you NAILED it! You're on a roll, girl!
Loved this. Very authentic voice. Great use of humor. Super title and writing, as always, top shelf. God bless.
Oh, this is priceless, and as a grandma, I can relate. You had me chuckling. Very well done.
I love the title, I love the humor. This is such a fun read. You are so gifted. Thanks for not making me cry!
This is great writing. Very realistic and full of humour.
Some great humor in this one!
I loved how you told this story. Being a grandma myself, I can truly relate!
I love it! Something tells me there are some blushing grandmas out there because the secret is out...Wonderful story!
This story was so enjoyable. I could really see and identify with what you were describing.