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The descriptions are superb here in this narrative of family life and growing older.
You paint an amazingly detailed portrait of the story and scene with your eloquent words. I felt like I was right there. Excellent.
This is definitley my kind of story. I love the home spun feel, and I love that it is about an older person. Your descriptions are wonderful. Good job.
What a lovely story. I love porch swings and I was there with you watching your story unfold through your painted words.
Tears definitely lined my eyes when reading this captivating piece. It reminds me of my grandparents house--though it wasn't a farmhouse, the thirty plus years they lived and raised their family there echoed on each part of the property just like the memories in this story. Simply amazing ^_^
This definitely made me teary-eyed. The memories, the change, the grief. Makes me want to hug the author of this gripping piece.
There is just so much to love in this absolutely prevocative, beautiful piece of writing! I don't want the MC to leave, I don't want things to change...however, if that place is for sale...maybe that is what is both sad and strangely hopeful about this article. Not to mention that those wonderful memories would never had been made had it not been for the MC's ability to create/see such beauty wherever life took her.
Ohhhhhhhh, I feel this! Great writing.
I love the last line. It gives me a vision of what has been the back-drop music to a full life. Though it's sad, there's something good about having the kids grow up, no tragedies that cut short their hope, and seasons lived with love.
This is prose written like poetry. Such beautiful imagery delights the mind and a feeling of nostalgia creeps in. The sadness at the end reminds us that all good things come to an end.
Loved this visual story that took me to another time and place. I love porch swings and it was a wonderful way to weave the story together.
I kept hearing the song.> SOFTLY and TENDERLY Jesus is calling... calling for you and for me... Come Home.. Come Home.. all who are weary come home...

This was absolutely TENDER, SWEET, SAD, Wonderful... made me cry.. because memories of bygone days are so precious to all of us... thanks for this... Im going to savor it for a long time...LOVED IT immensely
08/08/07 sad, but very touching!
This is beautiful!!! It is so tender and sweet AND sad. I felt like I was sitting on the swing feeling the emotions of the MC. I could hear the swing. Great job and congratulations!
You painted a picture of the scene using beautiful words. Congrats.
Beth, this is great writing, so heartfelt, so easy to identify with in a deep place, impactful ...a beautiful piece. Thanks for sharing your heart.