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The sadness here, as I see it, is that the narrator does not realize that they are not alone - ever. Even by sharing this poem they will find kindred souls.
This is a gripping poem that pulls the reader into the sadness experienced by an allcoholic.
This sent chills up my spine. The hopelessness and blame here is completely tangible.
The heaviness and darkness here is palpable indeed. You've done an excellent job of communicating the hopeless grief of this speaker.
Grief has to be the most hopeless of feelings when the knowledge of a Creator is absent. The despair of the non-believer is well described here.
How well you have portrayed the grief and 'aloneness' in your poem.
You most certainly DO beling in Masters, dear girl!
Fetid, defiled, corrupting, stained, crimson - this is some pretty heavy imagery! Your poem has layers that demand multiple readings, which is always an excellent feat. Excellent job.
Oh my, such vivid description. I think you have captured the feeling of being alone quite well. This is powerful writing.
The feeling of despair is certainly evident in this piece. Good job.
I love reading your work.

Excellent! Truly wow.