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What an inventive perspective on the fall! I was engaged and intrigued from the first word to the last. You painted an amazing portrait here. Excellent.
Amazing perspective on man's fall! I loved every word of this captivating story. ^_^
What a very creative and well-written story! It was interesting looking at things from the perspective of the angel with the flaming sword! And who can really experience sorrow to its true depths but God? Good job! :)
What a unique perspective the fall. I like this especially: I dont know. I cry for what man has done, but I cry, too for man because of his weakness; and what he has lost.

You cry because part of God is in you as well. He hugged her. But then think how much deeper must Gods sorrow be.

God's sorrow... if only I would think of that before I fall into temptation.

Thank you for making me think today.

Well done.
This is a very creative topic, to be sure. I enjoyed the story.
Fascinating approach to the familiar Eden story! Oh, yes, I love the line, 'You cry because a part of God is in you.' I was hooked from the first word. Great job!
Your story about how heaven was watching the fall of man is really unique. I never thought about what the other created beings were doing and thinking on that sorrowful day.
Very creative.
Fascinating! Creative, imaginative, and well written.
Awesome! Loved your creative approach. Really interesting perspective. You are definitely a masterful storyteller.
A beautiful piece! You made this whole story come alive from a POV that I never thought of before. The descriptions of the jewels and the sword were just lovely. I liked the names and the interaction between the sister/brother. Good job. ^_^
Wow. I mean seriously, wow! It goes to show even those who stand in the background have a story to tell. And what a way to tell it.