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This is wonderfully written about one of the most difficult things a parent can endure. I think one of the hardest things in the world is to find the courage to try again for another child after one has been lost in birth - I know this from personal experience, and I know too how comforting it was to have someone to kneel beside you and understand...
The grief is so authentic, so real. This was incredibly moving and heartbreaking. Masterfully crafted.
It would be hard to find a sadder one than this exceptionally well crafted story.
Beautifully done.
Very sad; made me teary. But I like that they have help... it gives it a bit of hope, too.
Beautifully crafted. The ending is perfect. This bittersweet story is heartbreaking and hopeful at the same time.
Beautiful example of how we can learn to be comfort and hope to others once we ourselves have coped with death. A great story.
A very moving entry. It brought tears. Understanding another's pain is easier when you've experienced a similar one.
I can see whay you are a Master writer.
I am so glad that you wrote this hon as it speaks volumes to the many who have faced this ordeal. this is not only such a heart rending peice but also one that gives hope and a truth. While it doesn't change the circumstance or hurt we have faced when we reach out to otehrs we too are restored and while Satan would like to use a heartache to bring us away from one another and the Lord, making us think it will always be "wointer" it is God who gently uses our pain and His promises to reach out to others and prove that in "Spring" will come again. How masterfully written and Spirit led this wonderful story came about. I adore this piece. Thank you. God bless and keep up the tremendous writing.(Now while writing, my eys are finally drying but I was faling apart while reading this as many of my loved ones have faced this painful experience.) Janice
This is wonderful. So tender and sad but beautiful. I love how she realizes she can have a ministry to others who have lost a child because she understands. Blessings.

And congratulations on making EC! This deserves it!
I have a friend who went through something similar and I'm going to send her your piece. Congratulations on the win!
WOW! That about says it all! Congrats! ~Gina
Congratulations. This is so beautiful -- a real tear-jerker. You did a great job of conveying the emotions.