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What a devastating way to learn a lesson! Many teens feel embarrassment about a sibling, for a variety of reasons. I can see this story being used as a tool to help teens mature before they have to experience grief like this because of a bad decision.
Wow, what a gripping, sad tale the price of a little embarrassment was way too high!
This is a griping and powerful story. I am moved and convicted. Nicely done. You are a master with words. Great job.
Oh...I don't know what to say. This is so moving. Very well done.
This is such a powerful story. It is very convicting; I couldn't help but wonder what small selfish things I have done that could cause a disaster if I hadn't been mercifully spared...
Wow - I immedicately called my two young teens to read this to them! My son wants to know if it's really true?
This story was so well written, my mouth was actually gaping while reading the part about the consequences of her actions.
Selfishness is something that creeps into our lives so easily if we don't continuously guard against it, doesn't it? I'm also glad you mentioned the parents' forgiveness, but I'm sure it must be SO hard to forgive yourself if something like this happened.
Good job! ~Y~

What a sad story. Your main character did little to endear himself to me. I didnt wee such a tragic end coming.
This is absolutely a masterpiece. I also want to know if this is true. Gripping, heartwrenching, amazing. The best I've read so far.
A deeply sad story. What ah hard way to learn a lesson. Thank God for His Grace.
Excellent writing. Didn't see that ending coming. God bless.
Yikes! I considered taking a similar approach, but you've written the definitive story on this topic. Well-done and chilling.
I didn't see that coming. Wonderful writing, great story. I too want to know if this is true.
Huge lump in the throat here. You make embarrassment seem so trivial. Your telling of the story is superb.
This was very difficult to read; and even more difficult to have sympathy for the MC. Maybe that is why this is a good story...bringing to the front lines how selfish acts can have grave outcomes. But I can't help but wonder why the parents weren't more sympathetic to the "baby sitter's" needs. Had they been, maybe this could have been avoided. Anyway, the reasons are obvious why this is such so tragic for all involved.
Wow... I wasn't expecting that either, but there is so much more to being embarrassed than we usually think. Thanks for this story...I don't know if it was true or not, but I am still reeling from it... Dianne
I didn't know I'd find such a compelling story in an "embarrassed" topic; but I did, and it touched me immensely; Thank you for such an enlightening story...that I felt throughout my read as if it were true. Your story brought me to tears. Great job of a heartbreaking scene, with a great message.
Wow. This is so sad. True embarassment really does hurt and makes more than one heart ache. Well written and presented. Good job.
Ooooh. That one hurt. I didn't see it coming until I saw the flashing lights, and even then I wasn't prepared. wow. Great writing. Great lesson.
Wow. Didn't see the ending coming. Every teen needs to read this one.
Heartwrenching! I definitely shed a few tears over this one...

Great job as always with connecting with the reader.
Congratulations on your first place. Very well deserved. This is written so well -- I was right there with that 16 yr old. Incredible job with this topic.
Deeply moving, with a call to motivation at the end.
Way To Go, Lynda. CONGRATS on a great story and a first place win!
Wow, this is absolutely amazing! A wonderfully, well-deserved win. And now you've got two in a row. Congratulations - you deserve it. Love and blessings, Teri
Great job again Lynda!!

I am stunned speechless. This is such an excellently written piece, masterful in every sense of the word. Congratulations on your EC! This story was so true to life, I can hardly imagine it being fiction. These are the kind of tragic life lessons/consequences that God can use to change people forever, like your MC. Blessings, Cheri
Wow, Lynda, fantastic piece. Well deserved win. COngratulations
[scraping chin off the floor] okay- so not your ordinary ha, ha embarrasment story. Holy fright! of course, extremely well-written, hence the award, but wow!
This really is a story that sticks with you, even days later. Congrats on your 1st place EC (again)!
Congrats on #1 EC! I knew this was a winner when I read it the first time. Excellent!
A very well deserved win. This was a really compelling read - so well written from the teenager's point of view, with such an excellent message about embarrassment, and those who are 'different'.