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Your story caused me to think about times I've been less than kind to others, too. Your wonderful story brought a lump to my throat. I ached for both of your characters. Your writing is so vivid, I felt this was happening right in front of me!
“What a couple of fools we’ve been. Fighting each other when we should be working together for God.” Amen. Preach it!
Wonderful lessons in this story, and the writing is flawless.
I have met some Edna-Maes in my life and, sadly, some Sheryls as well. It is a shame that sometimes we have to be shamed to address the issues that crop up between believers.
As I read the story I found myself embarrished. I found too much of myself in the MC. No wonder James spends a whole chapter (3)warning us about the damage our tongue can do. Your story spoke to my heart.
So convicting and encouraging. Wonderful. I could feel her face reddening.
This was great, I'm glad I read it because that "green-eyed monster" jealously and mis-understanding is a terrible beast and your story shows the hurt it can cause. It was nice showing the redemptive and forgiveness side as well - makes a fine example and template we all should follow.
This is a KEEPER... I have been on both sides of this story and both sides are horrible. I think the MCs side may be the worst though. But the ending is what I loved the most... as much pain as they both felt.. it took that to get to an understanding and brokenness.. I LOVED THIS !
I really thought I had already left a comment on this story. First, congratulations on your 3rd place and making the EC list. You deserve it! Now, about your entry. Ouch! I felt the pain and am so sad to say I was very convicted. I've been on staff at churches where there were plenty of busybodies. You told the tale so well and I am glad for the happy ending. Great job!
Congratulations on your EC!!! This is a great story!
Debbie, this is a wonderful story. Congratulations on your EC. And the beautiful way that God was able to take a horrible circumstance and use it to expose weakness and frailty in both parties and then begin the restoration process... awesome job! Well done. Blessings, Cheri
This story really bites. You know - deep down where I can't soothe it. Good writing and congratulations.
Congratulations on your EC -- this is very good writing. Great job with the topic.
Congrats on your EC placement. Great job!
Congratulations - What a lesson to learn in such a harsh way! This was very well written.
Perfect entry for embarrassed. A well-deserved place in the winner's circle. Congrats!
Congrats! This article certainly deserves an EC. :)