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I rarely thought of how embarrassment can keep people from truly embracing and enjoying life. Thanks for bringing out another aspect of the topic.
This DOES bring new meaning to "seize the moment." Well done.
What things we deny ourselves when we let embarrassment dictate our actions. That tugged the heart strings.
Your story left me crying... thank you for bringing another light to the word embarrassed. Well done.
What a unique story and a very different take on our assignment this week. Very touching...very moving...filled with pathos. Nice work.
What a tender and romantic story. I liked it from start to finish.
What a creative way to handle the topic, and what an important message it contained! I loved it! The ending was so romantic, so poignant, so perfect! Excellent writing! :)
This is masterful writing. The emotion is so very real and the words absolutely paint an amazing portrait. Excellent.
This is beautifully written. I like the unique slant on the topic, too. Well done.
There was no way to just skim through this one! The deep truths are so masterfully intertwined into the story. "She would always be there; I would always be there---does cowardice have a greater lie hidden in its soothing whisper; are we such fools that we constantly bend our ears to listen and believe?" This was such a powerful line and reminded me of James 4:15, "Instead, you out to say, 'If the Lord wills, we will live and also do this or that." The ending was hauntingly sad, but so beautiful.
You are quite adept at pulling on the heart strings, and this entry does it once again. Excellent and eloquent writing.
Your prose is poetry - beautiful to read. The story is haunting, and the ending fab. Excellent!
This is tender, beautiful, powerful, heartbreaking. It move me. Masterful writing.
Oh! How many times has embarrassment kept us from doing things?! Very, very good!!
Oh, how sad! Your writing is simply outstanding, and with such poignance!
You told this sad story excellently. What a shame you MC wasn't one to seize the moment.
Gave me goosebumps with this one. What a sad, thoroughly heart-searching story. The you-are-there and watching the story unfold was so powerful. Amazing writing! I especially liked the end with the water globe. One of my favorites this week!
Oh, Loren, this was entrancing. You have such a beautiful mastery of language and description. This left me aching at the end, and yet hopeful. Thank you for sharing such an extraordinary talent.