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Oh my goodness, I couldn't help laughing! I followed a poor soul once through a mall who was dropping, uh, ...things, shall we say! Poor Mama. And I think I'd walk home, too!
Ohhh, I think you quite covered the embarrassing topic with this one!! At places it was almost painful to read, :-) but that last sentence was "priceless."
Now where have I heard something similar to that last line before? Very entertaining. You almost have two great stories here the incident in the mall and the salvation of Junior Brown. And I love the title.
You had my sympathy every step of the way. I loved the accent you gave the characters.
I can't imagine there is an article that fits the topic better than this one. Great detail and dialog.
Oh my, Oh my! I have had some pretty embarrassing situations, but this beats them all. My cheeks (face cheeks,thank you very much) hurt from reading this and smiling and grimacing and laughing. Your accents were perfect. The last line has about as much punch as a last line can have. Bravo.
Ewwwww. How awful! That daughter deserved a crown for her long walk to the "throne"! No doubt she'll get it in heaven. You handled this messy story extremely well.
Marilee, I laughed so hard, my kids probably think I'm crazy! :D This is one of my favorites this week,for sure! What a PERFECT story for this topic, and what masterful writing! You make me smile!!!!! :)