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This is a story to grip the heart and to remind us to be thankful for our blessings, and to care more for those with such sad lives.
This is a very moving story. It was very creative to show someone who, by our own standards, SHOULD be embarrassed, but isn't....and why. It was very touching.
Oh, how I aspire to be like your "angel" lady, but more often, I'm just ambivalent. Thanks for giving me inspiration to look beyond the obvious when I meet someone who needs my help. And for challenging me to step up to the plate and be the hands of Jesus to those who have troubles pressing in on them.
Very evocative writing - great descriptions and an amazing message. Excellent.
This will make me think twice about dismissing the beggars on the streets. It is so easy to react like that horrible man and make judgments about people. Not an easy read.
Wow, this is a convicting story. I pray that I'll be able to show the love of Christ to those I come into contact with...
Trying not to judge in these kind of circumstance can be difficult if you don't know the whole story. I, too, would like to more like the angel, giving without guile and causing nor embarrassment to anyone.
Such a moving story. Well done.