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This was a "fun" read.
Thanks for sharing this story with us. Many of us have suffered under such. I had a brother, myself! I'd worry about your son, if I were you: sin visits to the sixth generation! LOL! You two sound a lot like the Three Stooges. Hopefully, they're on your forbidden viewing list and your wife has locked you out! Great story!
Yes, that Peter Pan gene seems to be dominant among the males of the species, for some reason. (Insert wry smile). I know many wives, daughters, and other women who would like to see it's influence become more recessive! (FYI, it draws us to the males, but after we get there, the magnetism of that gene wanes!)
Oh yes, could I relate to your piece...... Thanks for the smiles you brought to me through your story.
Delightful writing - love the voice especially. I had quite a few giggles throughout.
I also have a very faulty memory when it comes to childhood so I can sympathise with the not remembering what you did to the Sunday School teacher. I enjoyed the article.
Perhaps in SS you licked interesting patterns onto the windowpane glass, Swindoll style. Your teacher was my kinda' woman!
"She looked at my wife and said, He was a brat. "

Ha, that would be very embarrassing. I have to say that I am glad that's never happened to me... :-)
Enjoyable read!
There was one or two things in this that I could identify with. Very amusing and enjoyable to read.
Very humorous and fun account of family dynamics!
So she thinks she wants twelve children? She'll change her mind after the firt one.
This reminds of the long running column in Better Homes and Gardens. The author was a male and wrote about his family. I never missed it. Thank you for this very well done and entertaining read.
I love the writing style here--a little bit quirky, and unpredictable. Lots of fun to read.
Cute story! I like the daughter best of all, she reminds me...of me. lol. Good job with this. ^_^
Having 3 sons that are carbon copies of their dad, I chuckled all through this!! Make sure your daughter talks to Mid about those 12 perfect children. lol. I really enjoyed this!! :-)
My husband has few memories of his childhood also. I am always asking him if he acted like our son does now when he was younger. I think it's denial!

I enjoyed your story. I could relate. You voice and characters were real. Good job.