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Entertaining angels unaware, eh? Neat story.
This is just the nicest little story! I really had fun visiting with the neighbors and it made me happy that Zachariah was finally going to have friends. This story made my night!
P.S. Love the doggie angels!
Absolutely charming and delightful - and I love your doggies. This is a real heart-warmer.
What a delightful story to read. Well done!
Your story caused me to realize that neighbors never communicate like they did when I was a child. They are constantly being entertained by TV and Web sites. TV is a substitute for real fellowship. They may show tea commercials, but you can't taste the tea; You may see a family eating a piece of pie, but that will bring your stomach no comfort. Maybe we all need a visit from Missy and Harpo once in a while, to break the electronic spell and bring us together as neighbors once did. Good piece of writing.
One of my favorites! I'm reminded of the story "Stone Soup" from my childhood. Loved the descriptions - I could see the doggies' faces. :) A beautiful, well told story.
This is one of my favorites this week. I enjoyed Zach's humor & kindness...the ending was perfect. Excellent writing.
I love dog and angel stories but I thought about the time my town in Texas flooded. Many people commented as horrid as it was to lose their belongings, neighbors talked and helped each other for the first time. It actually made up for the tragedy to some because today people are so isolated and lonely in their suburbs. Great job.. I loved it!
I really enjoyed your down-home style. Your wit sprinkled with warmth made this a favorite in my book.
Fun to read. Loved the doggie angels. Made me smile. You are are great story-teller, makes a reader feel like they're there.
This was absolutely tereffic! Nice, warm, home-town spun story; and oh so creative. It was so well written in fact that I believe it and will be on the look out from my porch for those two angelic mutts ambling by.
Awww! I like this. The last line with "Angelic mutts?" was just too funny! I liked this old guy, he was real! The dogs were my favorites though. ^_^
You had a great character study in this charming story. I won't forget the "angelic mutts," and isn't that one of the reasons we write?
Ohhhhh. Ahhhhh. This is great. I am so touched by your sweet story. I hope it does well because it's a winner in my book.
Bill, you've enchanted me with this very creative tale. It's very down home, very relaxing. Angelic mutts? Wherever do you get your ideas? I'd like to shop there. Congratulations on your well deserved win, friend!
Congratulations, Bill! Loved this story!
Congratulations -- this story is very endearing. I love Zachariah's character.
Way to go, Bill. This was a favorite of mine this week!
You did it again, SirWilliam! I just love the characters that flow out of your creative imagination. You should be as famous as Dickens or O. Henry if you keep this up. (^&^) Congratulations, too!
What fun! Angels in disguise! As always, you entertain and provoke thought. COngratulations on your win.
Well, this'll teach me not to read the comments first! Still a good read with realistic and lovable characters. God does work in mysterious ways...
Congrats on the win. I'm late reading, but you really don't need more comments! Good job.