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What a beautiful story and I love your format! The scriptures running through the story like a commentary on the life of a dedicated man of God are wonderful. I really like this.
I love the way you wove the scripture through this. I SO wish you had more words to expand on some of the later times in their lives - but that's the challenge for you! I Hope you DO expand this.
I loved the way you took Psalm 1 and turned the analogies into the story of a believer's life. Would like to see more examples like this from you. What would Psalms 51 become in your creative hand?
This is simply awsome. Very moving and very well written. I also like the format you used, fitting the scripture in with the story.
Awesome! I love Toby's strength in his faith, beautifully illustrated by the Psalm. Great job!
This is a wonderful devotional piece...can see it being used in a youth group.
Man! That really brings that scripture passage home to me, illustrating each phrase that way. Great writing.
This is just too good. There should be another category for this kind of writing. I don't always envy a piece but I came close on this one. I love the way you handled the Scripture, weaving it in so effectively. What a great job!
An excellent read - that really brought the Bible verse to life.
The fact that this is based on a true story really made it come alive to me, and your format is extremely effective. It demonstrates the truth of God's Word and the Lord's faithfulness as a person orders his daily life in accordance with Scripture.
God Bless,
It would be fun to see a challenge week using this kind of story. Weaving a story in present day living with scriptures. Psalms and Proverbs would both work. What a great job.. I loved it.
The title is provocative (in a good way). One could even turn it around to read Tree of Life!! This is a truly effective way of bringing the scripture right where we live. Almost like a collection of parables to illustrate God's principles of Life. Also beautifully written.