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Clever and creative. Definitely had me intrigued from beginning to end.
Oooh, love this kind of story! The scary thing is that it doesn't seem as much like science fiction as it would have 10 years ago. (I'm thinking of how assisted suicide is readily accepted in parts of Europe.) Compelling and suspenseful writing!
I loved this story. You got my attention, and the ending made me smile. Good work...
The last 2 paragraphs were my favorite. Great job, powerful message.
I like this one. That last paragraph is so true...
So good! I loved the ending and the fact that this didn't go as I thought it might. Good job!
What a complex, creative plot idea. Great job.
Excellent, excellent job. This is just so well-done. I appreciate your insight to include a Red Summons not only for the lows but for the highs - ingenious. You know, this reminded me of a scene in 'Soylent Green' where they were giving an old man images of pretty, happy things while they took his life.

Anyways, this is an awesome story! Good luck, I really hop you place.
Ooo! Sci-fi, right? I like this! I love the twist, it is so unexpected and very creative. Your approach to happy was fresh and original and I especially liked your MC. He was very different. Good job here! ^_^
This is excellent! What a wonderful message. And a little scary -- because I could see this happening.

This was written extremely well. A very captivating read. Great take on the topic.
This is great sci-fi. The "world" can not explain our happiness as Christians. Good job. I was interested throughout the piece. Excellent writing.
An interesting take on 'happy'. I agree with other commenters - very creative and a great way to make the statement that we still have choices to make. Well done.