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Lovely, lovely! The descriptions are so vivid, I feel I'm in the garden beside you. I love how nature mirrors the beauty and awesomeness of God. The message at the end is wonderful!
Amazingly beautiful description. This is like a painting - a masterpiece of a painting. I was right there in the garden with you. Just gorgeous.
This piece has such beautiful descriptions. I love the use of "You know you are my favorite."
A really nice "feel good" piece, this is. Being a gardener myself, I can tell you know your species well. :)
Can't see how this could be improved on. It could lend itself to verse, but it's great as is, and doesn't have the restraints that poetry can put on it. Well done.
What a vivid picture of a beautiful garden. I love the "You are favorite" line. When you have more than one child you understand this concept. It's wonderful to think that is how God thinks of us.
I can relate to the feelings the MC has as, I too, love my gardens. Your descriptions are beautiful...loved it.
Simply lovely! I wanted to be lost in this lovely daydream for the rest of this dreary, rainy day! Your descriptions made me feel like I was walking right along with Maggie the whole time. I loved how she singled out every flower and the last line was a real keeper. Great writing! ^_^
Great story with very appropriate title! I really liked how the MC knew each one's preferences. Awesome job. felt so peaceful walking in the garden with Maggie. I smiled through the whole story. It made me "happy." And, yes, that last line -- so beautifully wrapped up. I love this story!
Funniest thing, snap dragons just seemed to appear out of nowhere around my computer! This was wonderfully written. Very vivid images. Well written and captivating.
Sounds like a very pleasant place to be. The garden was pictured lovely.
This is one of my favorites this week. I love the way your story drew me in where I felt like I was walking along beside your lady in the garden. Bravo!
Surrounded by God's beautiful creation is my "happy place" too. Great descriptions of the plants, and the voice at the end gave me goosebumps - you made it so real! Wonderful.
My grandma would love this story. Her happy place was always in her garden. Vivid descriptions! You really have an eye for detail!