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Riveting writing! Made me gasp! How much people have suffered cruelty and pain for Christ! He must be who He says He is. Amen! Great job, masterfully written.
Intense, graphic...powerful! Certainly packs a punch and makes the reader pause to consider that this scene is likely being played out all across the world at any given moment.
Expertly written piece. Well done.
WoW!! Her happiness came from God and the thought of being with Him so soon. Excellent!!!
Oh my, the sorrow that Christians go through at the hands of people who are owned by Satan! Powerful story and an ending that gives a different meaning to the word "happy". Your title is thought-provoking, too.
The is a powerful story. What threw me was the name, Zipporah — I relate it to Old Testament, though I'm sure it was a common name on both sides of the cross — just me trying to get my head around it.

Once again, it's just me, but the idea that she heard the laughter of the guard at the end was jarring. I wished she had heard the songs of angels or something!

But I think this is a great piece of writing, and a marvelous look into history and a world most of us will never have to experience.
What a profound message. This is bold and very well written. Five stars from me.
This is an awesome story of faith. The picture you painted is, truly, a frightening one. It makes me think, "How would I act in similar circumstances?"
The happy part though, for all of us, is knowing Jesus will be triumphant, and we will be with Him always.
Gripping story, excellently written!

"Zipporah focused her remaining strength on keeping the corners of her mouth turned up." This demonstrates happiness as a choice. I love how she focused on Christ alone, the sole source of true happiness.
You did such a great job in writing this! WOW!
Incredible. I could hardly breathe as I read. This is a powerful piece of writing.
This is incredible! You created such a powerful contrast between the devilish glee of the captor and the quiet eternal joy of the captive. I also loved the way you used the moon to tie your story together.
Wow. What a powerful story. It is vividly written. You are a master.

The fact that the MC feels happy at this time is amazing. Joy, I undertand. But happy? She is keeping her eyes on Him and having an eternal mind set for sure.
The descriptions are so vivid you can almost feel her pain. Excellent writing...very riveting.
I found you! Wow. This gave me chills reading it. I think it is one of your best. I so want to 'hate' the guard, but Zipporah was so brave and true. Her character is something we can all aspire to. Amazing writing, I think you nailed 'happiness' right here. Excellent writing, friend! ^_^
Great job pulling the reader into the room. I love the strength of your MC and how you show her drawing that strength from Christ and the things that remind her of His presence. Oh that given the same situation, I would draw on that same strength!
Great story; this is a power presentation of the truth that in Christ even our pain can be turned to joy...
I can only echo the comments above. This is a riveting story. Well written. Not easily forgotten.
Okay, call me a prophetess but this is a winner! OH MY..... such creativity! Yikes.... watch out! God has some wonderful writing opportunities for you in the days ahead.
Very poignant account. True happiness is in the Lord.
You've left me breathless, and aching inside, again. (In a good way.) I've waited all week to read this; I had to let my emotions rest. :) I agree about the MC's name, but that's minor. I think this is Superb, with a capital "S". :)
Reminds me that we never had it soooooo good in our culture.

On a personal note: Good writers put a bit of themselves into their writing. I see it in yours. On the boards, you show the cheery, happy, laughing side of you. In many of your articles, I see the deeper, thoughtful, deeply spiritual side of you. Keep it up Joanne.
Wonderful writing. I could picture your story and couldn't stop reading.
WOW!! This is excellent---well crafted! So masterfully written!
Hi Joanne.

I see what you mean about the asterisks. It's easy to get. I also really like this story. I'm reading Foxe's Book of Martyrs.I loved your main character. I would have liked to know more about the setting, but that's not the strength of it.

Excellent story. Near perfect presentation. Great insight and depth. The story flowed on so many levels. A surface meaning with a stronger under current of truth. I'm very impressed. God bless.
Wow! I was just now reading this piece from looking at your website and when I checked out what topic it was, I was taken aback -- happy. Wasn't too happy, girlfriend! Was scary. I always wonder if I'll be able to stand up to persecution like that. Just goes to show that perspectives change with circumstances. She was happy because she was able to look forward to Heaven. Very thought provoking and stirs up lots of emotion!
"How can a man derive such pleasure from my pain?" This is a very good question and the answer reveals the heart. God bless you sister. Amen.
What can I say that has not already been said, WOW! Breath taking account of trusting, loving, and abiding in the Lord Jesus Christ. Your choice of scripture verses was right on point and helped to paint your picture beautifully. I feel honored that you would even read and critique my novice Article. I write non-fiction primarily, but hope to one day be able to arrange my words in such a way as you do to pen fiction for the Glory of God. Can't wait to read your book!
Something really cool just happened when I read your piece. You know how during a pastor's sermon, the Holy Spirit can speak different words to different people that the pastor really knows nothing of? I was scrolling through the top 400 writings, aimlessly, and picked yours. I was enjoying your writing, and then "BAM," you wrote the first line about the sky being a constant. I almost cried. God showed me how he sees me, he hears me, he knows me, he loves me because he was in this exact place in time as I read. Just this morning I stood outside letting my dog out, and looking at the dusky morning sky. The clouds were moving quickly, and I was in awe of the sky. There was so much quiet and peace in this moment, and in my head I said "You don't keep the sky from the poorest of the poor, they have it just the same as the rest of us. Thank you (God)." God is moving through your writing. Praise Him! Thanks!
I'm reminded of Paul, and the suffering he endured. He cultivated peace from pain, counting the cost of his afflictions a blessing to share with his Savior. This is quite an article. I loved it !