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This kind of leaves me speechless, but I still want to comment. Great descriptions and the italicized lines throughout really make the piece in my book. You certainly know how to capture your reader.
I feel much like the first commentor this leaves me without much to say, except that it's very good, a well-written story from a unique perspective.
This just sent chills up and down my spine. I think I need to read this many times to get everything you put into it. Very evocative.
This is a powerful story. The descriptions of childhood were outstanding.
Awesome story with amazing descriptions.
I'm kind of in shock myself even though I knew what was coming! I didn't want the story to end this way, yet it was strangely ...right. Very human and spiritual at the same time. Quite powerful, and excellent writing.
What a timeless piece! Of course it is the perfect story for the theme -- HAPPY.... No more tears! Eye hath not seen.... OH MY.... Lots of gold nuggets in here.... and I'm not talking about the streets of gold.
You created some thought-provoking ideas in this piece. It made me wonder, and that's definitely a good thing. I enjoyed thinking about the happiness those pages would bring to her husband as he grieved. Excellent entry!