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Beautiful poem. I love the imagery, especially in the first few stanzas, and the message.
"Running over, running over,
My cup is full and running over.
Since the Lord saved me,
I'm as happy as can be.
My cup is full and running over."

I don't know if you remember this Sunday School song, but your poem reminded me of it.

Good work.
This was delightful. I love the images and flow of this.
This beautiful poem has such a healing message.
Oh, I just love this poem. I'm in awe of the way you can take an ordinary word and create such lovely pictures! It's beautiful.
Your poetry, as always, has touched my heart. Thank you for the wonderful word pictures you have created.
Charming and uplifting.
I like the way you introduced us to the Source of Joy so prophetically and poetically.

I also like the consistency in your rhyme and meter. Well done.
The same song Lynda mentioned came "bubbling" over when I read your poem. You have the gift of writing lovely poems.
Bravo! This is fun, convicting, refreshing and Happy all at once. Thanks so much. I was blessed by your words today. I want Jesus to fill My Happy Cup.
When I first started reading this the song sung by Perry Como "Catch a falling star and put it in your pockets...." started running through my mind, but the further I read, I knew I was being blessed by an even more important lesson. Indeed he fills the broken cup and it does runneth over.
Wonderful work!
This poem is positively perfect in every way. Kudos to the poet!
I hope this does well! It is beautiful and makes me happy just reading it. ^_^
This immediately drew me in:
The smile had fallen from her lips;
I stooped to pick it up.

and these words from the Master made me want to weep with joy:
My child, Ill fill it up.
And even run it over
Though it is a broken cup.

The ending stanza is perfect happiness. Wonderful!
Woo-hoo, Elizabeth! Congratulations on your EC!!!
Congrats on your highly commended! ^_^
Congratulations, Elizabeth! I have this in My Favorites!
Elizabeth, congratulations on your well-earned placement. It is simply a beautiful poem. Since you're on a farm, do you get some of your inspirations while riding your horse? I know I do.
Congratulations on your EC. This is so beautiful, yet simple. I like that.