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You have so captured the atmosphere of this place, and the wonder of a child. This tugged at my heart.
This is a beautiful story that shows how a simple balloon can bring happiness to childen who have very little. There's a good message in here as well.
Oh, wonderful! I just wanted to take them all in and give them hugs! How much we take for granted, and how easy it is to give joy to a precious little one like this! You've created a wonderful, wonderful character for your readers to fall in love with.
Wonderful story. I could picture the scene and feel the emotions.
Oh, I loved experiencing this special day through the eyes of your MC. His POV was so refreshing. From seeing a balloon for the first time to his description of a caucasian. Vivid writing.
This made me realize how something as simple as a baloon is a treasure for many children in our world. We take so much for granted.
I enjoyed this very well done piece.
Awww...Simply superb. Excellent storytelling. What a sweet and touching entry for "happy." Well done!
clutching a punctured yellow balloon.... that line nailed this piece for me --- Talk about yanking my heartstrings. You do have a gift from God. May HE enlarge your writing influence.
This story grabbed me and won't let me go. The love between brothers and then the imagery of the ballon at the end. Excellent job on this amazing, informative story!
Helen, this story was divine. The simple joy of a child is captured for all to see. Some people, born under adverse conditions, keep this childlike wonder with them as they grow up. It is an incredible thing to observe. I felt that in this moving story. Thanks for doing your homework, then sharing it with us.
Wow! This is so poignant! Congratulations on your EC!
Congratulations, Helen! This is a lovely story!
Congratulations on your EC.

This story is incredible -- and wonderfully written. You had me captured from the beginning.

Our family has sponsored a child from Ethiopia -- his name is Worku. I saw his face as I was reading your story.

Great job.
Wonderful and congratulations on your well-deserved EC.
Helen, I thought this was you. A well deserved win.... Our babies are supposed to be here before Christmas..... All I can think about is yellow balloons....
Interesting story with a real feel for the place and the children. Congratulations on your EC!
This is a very heartrending story. Very well written. Congrats on the win.