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I love the idea of this. The last paragraph is absolutely PERFECT in my opinion! Isn't God SO like that?
Personally, I would have liked a bit more detail on exactly what his choice was - but you may have avoided it on purpose for effect. Very strong writing, regardless!
I love the shift of the main character starting out thinking he's talking to himself and then realizing at the end that he's having a conversation with God. Well written!
You have such a depth of perception laid out for us in your story. You leave your reader with lots to think about, and that's good.
Unique, and creative! I enjoyed this author's conversation with "herself". Very deep and intelligent writing.
You have described perfectly the spiritual struggles many Christians experience. Excellent writing.
Among other things, I loved the line, "I'm not talking to myself, am I?"

I never thought of the Holy Spirit reasoning with us in such a clever way, but now I can. Thank-you for a great, insightful read!
Loved this tug-of-war writing... Kind of lifted the curtain of our souls and take a peek into each one of us. This piece is timeless. You are one talented writer.
I loved being inside the MCs head and listening to her inner dialouge. I wanted to know more, though. What was her dream? Seriously, please tell me. Great writing.