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Oh, you have a winner here, even if you don't place- ths is tremendous! Tears filled my eyes as I read your descriptions. You have such a way with words. How prescious was the woman's heart to feel enough for the poor "doggy" that she would give up her own dream of the perfect pet in exhange to make a difference in the life of an abused pup. This is truly lovely!If this is about you or someone you know I say hats off to you or that person for God really uses us as instruments and the main character is surely an instrument in thei engagin story!. God bless,Janice+-
Beautiful story! Happy moments in life are like a long necklace of simple, loving connections we make with God's world. Great descriptions!
Pass the kleenex, please. This is beautiful. My thoughts about people who torture animals had best be kept to myself I'd be banned from Faithwriters for sure! Your descriptions are wonderful I could see everything you wrote, and feel it all, too. Great job.
I couldn't hold back the tears. I think there is a special connection between people and animals traceable all the way back to the garden. How some can harden their hearts to become abusers is beyond me. Lovely lovely story! It impacted me deeply!
Absolutely lovely. I was right there with you, and you gave me SUCH compassion for this poor dog. Wonderful.
Love it! How anyone could find amusement out of torturing God's creatures is beyond me...bless sweet little Snow and the person who came to her rescue. Animals can teach us so much about the power of forgiveness and love!
I loved this.. it brought me to tears.. I was hoping it was a true story.. cause Snow found the perfect home and he deserved it.. also I love the fact that he is a dog most people abhor.. GOOD WORK!
Dog Heaven indeed. To be adopted by this MC would be heaven. I could picture it all. Great job.
This is an absolutely wonderful story. The descriptions captured my heart, and then the dog stole it.
Very touching. Well done.
I pray someday I can be as gifted a writer as you are. Your story brought tears to my eyes and filled my heart with love for this poor dog. It's obvious you have great compassion for animals. Well done!
Wow! I loved this. Brilliant descriptions, unique idea. I hope you do really well!
Great story and this has got to be a contender indeed!
This is one of my favorite this week. The descriptions are wonderful.
OK...I'm not even a HUGE animal lover but, come on! You made me bawl like a baby. (Be proud - there aren't too many that do.)
My favorite so far this week...
Yes. Such a good account. Keeping the reader intimately involved and tpuch at a deep core of connection between abject humanity and animal kind. Agree. it works on a primitive emotionhal level, and catches one out. I dont usually blub either. But, in keeping with the utter honesty of the piece, I did. I admire your work here.
Im coming back to comment. I read this several days ago and it is still vivid in my mind and heart. So much good writing on this site but when one STICKS with us... wow.. its a winner no matter what judges do!
Wow - this was writing at its best! Flowed, vivid, good dialogue, happy ending...what more could I want - except to run out and get a dog!:) I loved your style and the voice - thanks!
Teri, this story is a total winner with me! You had me right with you, every step of the way, waiting, wanting to pat her, wanting to look into her eyes. So often I think about the animals that are being abused or those who are left out in the weather, to fend for themselves. My heart can hardly stand the weight of the thought and I pray to God to protect them. This was a happy story for me because one such dog made its way "home." I sure hope that God makes a dog heaven because, in so many instances dogs are such dear angels who ask for so little and give so much. Your writing is AWESOME!