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Wow! Graphic, elegant, piercing! Some may feel the topic a bit shrouded but I feel Ma-Ma's confidence, triumphant over colossal odds.
Oh, man. A powerful story and written like the scene would play out in real life. The tension displayed in your writing had my shoulders hunched as I read! A mother would have to have confidence in the Lord during a night like the one described here.
Wow. By the end I was no longer lounging in my chair but had my face as close to the screen as I could (and still read) Good job!
Powerful piece, masterfully written!
Intense, action-packed, and suspenseful! You packed a lot into this piece, but I am left with so many questions. I want to read the chapters before and after this one! Your Mama character fit the topic well. Nice job.
Super job! Some masterful writing. I had to slow my reading down on my second read to capture your intent with the beginning. I'm glad I did! I am very interested to find out who wrote this. I haven't read this voice before up here. It's fresh and brave. I'm impressed. God bless.
I liked it, I counted 6.
Wow--another masterpiece from one of the best writers on this site!
You just have a way of painting amazingly detailed pictures of your scenes. This felt amazingly authentic. Wow.
Hopefully the right choice was made here.
Wow! You always take your reader on such unforgetable rides! This is another gripping, and wonderful story. What a skillful capturing of character, detail, suspense, and theme!
This is so gripping and vivid. I was there in the action. Thank you!
Reading your work is like riding the rapids of of the Colorado River. Fast paced, lots of excitement and some beautiful scenery along the way. The ending? Well, I lost a friend in those waters a long time ago, let's hope your MC makes the better choice.
Awesome suspense and description make this a story that grabs the heart.
I smell a movie script! ^_^ I could see this playing out on the big screen. The drama, the emotion, this is riveting! It was a little spotty in some places, everything moving so fast, but a suspenseful read just the same. Good job.
I recognized this as yours a few days ago but wanted to make sure - now I have to go back and see what I can find - so hold on a minute ... first I noticed we used the the same unusual word this week - "shrouded" (cool) - second 'Hector, she whispered, close' confused me .... is Hector Meja? :)

Now ... did I like it?

It was so cool! And right on topic in a stretchy kind of way.

What a ride Maxx.
Not a wasted word - every one powerful. Wow. I simply love your writing.