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Oh my goodness, you wrung my mothers heart with this. I'm bawling right now. God bless you for this amazing story!!
You brought tears to my eyes - this was truly a touching piece. I'm going to send it on to my mom - if you don't mind.

Thanks for sharing, and God bless

I'm guessing that many mother's and father's hearts are going to be wrung with this entry. Mine is breaking! In your story is the ultimate test of our confidence in our Lord. The confidence in knowing the beginning and the end are the Lord's and trusting him to have it all work out the way it should, no matter who or what we have to turn over to him, at any time. Wow. A great entry.
What a journey was your story and what a sad ending, yet, with such a confident hope.
I Am Confident of This: your story moved me deeply. Loved it and feel it is a contender indeed!
Wow! So moving....
My words could not convey how your story moved me. At first I didn't like the title of this entry, but after reading it again, there isn't a more fitting one that comes to mind.
Excellent job, very anointed. God bless.
Wow! I started guessing where this might be going, and it started giving me chills. The triumphant ending is very moving.

Oh my ... this is gripping. What a wonderful, touching story on confidence. Excellent job.
Absolutely beautiful! And thanks, too, for reminding me of that scripture, which I haven't read in a while. It's powerful!
Wow, this is beautiful. I really like the progression...
Oh, Sharlyn! Amazingly vivid and poignant and real and MASTERful! Gave me goosebumps.
I was saddened each time she left son but did not see the end coming. Very moving piece and amazing writing.
Very impactful and skillful descriptions of emotions.
Sad account of what is happening all too often today. You told it well.
Perfect in every way.
This was very moving and beautifully written. Simply Awsome!
Thank you.

And God bless.