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To be honest, I don't know what to say about this one. It's a sad story, but it's triumphant too! And it certainly is well done.
Here's where the rubber meets the road in Christianity; to accept death in our loved ones before we think they should have died, yet feel a sense of God's joy and peace in our lives and hearts from then on. We don't like to think about it, and we still believe this world, since it's all we know, is better! Your story made me think about my notions that answered prayers should always have an "earth happy" ending.
It's the grandmother who stole my heart in this one. Ancient, battle-scarred, rickety old saint whose faith and confidence became a legacy to her family.
Wow, the ending made me a bit teary.
Very sad but good - I agree too- the grandmother made the story by her teaching. Good emotional fiction.
I'm a sucker for "grandmas". God happened to give me two of the very best. They are now with Jesus and your story was a great blessing to me. Thank you!
This was so awesome right up until the casket I thought perhaps the firefighters caught her--oh that life could always be like that but the truth is We can be confidant no matter what.Extremely well done!!!!
You've got some real drama here - I was enraptured in this story throughout. A bit of tightening up here and there, and it would be an absolute masterpiece. Wonderful for a "quick job."
I relate so well to this piece. I saw my grandma in the 'gram-mommy'of this story. Grandma used to make do the same thing when we were small. I carried it with me through life and some of those bible verses become ready-made pieces to save the day. Thanks for the memory.
This is so good that it has left me speechless. You just get better and better with each entry.
Very sad. But so true in many cases. Facing death is not always a place of confidence. But we, as children of God, must learn to be confident in him.
“I’m far from okay, Little-one, but I’m confident.”
What a great message! In the end it all boils down to that - trust. Great, gripping story.
This is just an excellent story by a gifted writer.
Absolutely on topic and on target with one of my all time favorite scripture verses. Definitely not a sugar-coated version of life, you capture the reality that God's Word gives to the Christian's life. Great job, and Happy Birthday, today, too :)
Gripping story! I especially liked the aspect of spiritual legacy witnessed here across generations.
Yes, I 'amen' the spiritual legacy strength in this story. I want to be this kind of grandma someday!
Oh this is so touching. I really was hoping that they weren't at the mother's funeral and she would be there with them. But that is not how life works all the time, is it? Very, very nice story. You had me from start to end.
Beautiful. Heart-breaking. There was so much packed into this. An enjoyable read all the way through, I liked how you used 'condfident'. Awesome writing! ^_^
Excellent dialogue. Near perfect characters. This is very strong ... and of course the emotion was spot on. Very very good!
Oooh. THAT's confidence! Clinging to God when everything else has crumbled.
A true to life drama, without the MC being saved in the end. I usually don't like unhappy endings, but you turned unhappy into triumph. Great job.