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Oh no, Goldie - don't do it! Don't have Mary Q Contrary as a life coach! Oh, well I know it's worked out happily ever after for you, but really! And Benjamin Behr - where do you get your ideas from? Great reading.
Loved the early hook. The creativity with the characters was delightful. The life coach and the ending give glimpses of an author's reality shining through the clouds of fantasy and fiction; nice layering. I'm 50/50 on the last sentence, but maybe there's something I'm missing there. Overall, what a great read!
A delight, for sure!
Here's creative genuis at work. I loved it, though I too, am not sure about the last line.
How creative and cleverly woven together. I loved the new twist on an old tale, and how you included other characters from different fairy tales. I 'm quite positive about the last line myself. :-)
Fun, fun, fun! I smiled through the whole adventure. I love Mary Q. Contrary and what a life coach she turned out to be! (I can only think of one ending sentence that would fit the story...) Thanks for a delightful read.
A creative Master at work! Wow! I loved the character names, ( Behr, he-he) and I am astounded at the ideas you came up with. Write more of these, please.
I think I needed the light touch of your fairy tale after so many tear eliciting stories. I too found myself asking the question, how in the world did you come up with such a creative idea? Wonderful story and change of pace.
This is ingenious. I loved the place where Goldie carefully stepped over the twig, and the confidence you show by actually using the "confidence" - and making it work. ;)

Wow. I LOVED this story. It was fun because it was so clever and creative.

Ingenious ...
Enjoyable interactions between familiar characters, (although maybe not as well-known as I thought!)

I started scratching my head at the last sentence, but then suddenly recalled the first line and laughed out loud. Very clever and fun.

I can only add to the praises you've already received. LOVED it! And I'm pretty sure of the last line. :)
I forgot to say, the title drew me to this story first - it's very similar to the title of my pastors recent sermon. Way different message tho. :)
I am speechless! Such a unique entry and sheer delight. I can visualize this in a "drama" format with a ministry bent. Can you imagine the biblical principles that could be taught using Goldie as an example? The humor would open up hearts and the truths would convict those same hearts. I'd love to see what you could do with some of the familiar Mother Goose characters. Humpty Dumpty would never be the same after your "pen" got through with him. Call me a dreamer but I think you could have a book filled with skits along this line. And when you do... remember I told you so. **grin**
Holy comments, Batman! And it's only been two days! Well, I can certainly see why. This is a true Master's piece. Wonderfully creative and entertaining. Bravo!
Not much to say here but extremely creative and superbly done. I enjoyed the read. God bless.
Very creative parody.
This is so funny. I love the personalities you gave to the fairytale characters. You had me chuckling from the very beginning. Great story.
Cute twist on these children's stories.
Nice job. Kudos.
So fun! I loved it. I especially liked when Goldie carefully stepped over a twig. :D
I LOVE it!!! So creative!!! You've got my vote... :-)
Just leave it to those "life coaches" to leave at just he right moment. This feel-good, didactic story brought a smile to my face. Unique blend of the familiar with the contemporary...and it all does end happily every after. Maybe life coaches aren't that bad after all.
I'm still was that good! I love the ending especially the "Behr"! How cute and fun. This definitely speaks of confidence. I like how Mary just 'took charge' and kept going, this reminded me a little of that red riding hood movie, but it was pretty good!

This was so much fun to read. I love the way the characters are brought to life.
Your stories always seem to be so fun to WRITE - I can just see you giggling as you come up with these things. I just ADORED this.
Very creative and funny; hehehe, life coach :D
I love everything you write (including your comments on my stories--thanks so much!). This is a most clever story. And, your title is a definite clue (giveaway?) for the last line of the story! Thank you for a fun read.
Oh this is sooooo good. You are a master with words. Each character has such a clear, fun voice. Great! Bravo!
Oh, friend, you've nailed it again with this witty, creative, funny tale! I'm still laughing too because I've had the 'help' of a few Mary Q. Contrarys in my life! Perish the thought! LOL! But it all ends as it should, doesn't it! The last line?...dum, dum, da-dum, dum, dum, da-dum...I now pro... ;-)
Great job! Very creative! I loved your characters. You did a great job with them. And "Self-selfishness" was a good one. I seem to suffer from that a lot.
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You are very generous in your time and talents to others and you deserve all the wonderful comments for such a fun fun entry.
If they go for Shrek the 4th you should offer your senario!
Or maybe it's time for the women of Fairy Tale Land to take over and do their own show!
Great story-tellin'. This a piece to be proud of for sure!
I was worried about the bears! Thanks for a happy ending!
Dittos ... I won't even say more than that. This is a serious job well done, as everyone else has mentioned. A contender!
HAAAAA! How delightful! Love it Love it!This is such a cute twist! I think you've outdone yourself!Amazing job hon!Keep it up! Janice
This is hilarious! Enjoyed every sentence crafted by a talented writer.