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I seriously considered trying this approach, one of my favorite hymns having the lines:

With confidence I now draw nigh / And "Father, Abba, Father cry

...but I didn't think I could do it justice, capture the moment. And it's a good thing I didn't attempt it, because this is the piece on this topic that was meant to be written this week. Stunning!
I love the happy ending to this well-written story.
Oops. My first comment is for the previous entry. Of course, I like the happy ending here, too. This story is absolutely superb. What a great idea to have a series of tests, with the final test the greatest.
Glorious descriptive phrases! And the lesson taught? Awesome.
I love reading about heaven and what awaits me there! This is a beautiful rendition and the story-telling is just awesome.
This was great because you take us on a life journey of things that give status and seem important and then slam us with the blood of the Lamb. Great!
"Nothing but the blood" has been a recurring theme for me this month, showing up everywhere I turn it seems and now I find it again in this most beautifully written story about the blood being our only real source of confidence. "Nothing" could be truer.
I love the contrasts between scenes. This is brilliant, and such a good reminder of our postiion in Christ.
Wow! What a beautiful job you did of pulling the curtain back and letting us take a peek into Heaven. The line that jumped off the page at me was "One I learned at my mother's knee." If that doesn't show the eternal importance of teaching our children. A contender in my book.
The blood of the Lamb is our only hope. This is a great message.
Excellent concept with some great writing. The ending and final "message" seemed a lil rushed to me as it got closer to the Word count. But you still delivered the punch. Very good entry. God bless.
Shivers, my friend. This is wonderful - I was caught up in this from beginning to end. I felt like I was in His presence as I read.
Very strong use of the language. Polished through and through. This will do well. Very good!