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I love the happy ending to this well written story.
Your title drew me to your story and the words drew me into your story. Thanks for reminding me today that God's gift of mercy can over-come anything that others may take from us. And, His acceptance is the greatest confidence booster of all!
The second half of this was beautiful. I know you wanted to introduce us to the girl to let us know why someone wanting her meant so much, but I think this would read better is you were able to weave that through the story after the "moon over my hammy" line. I'd open it with "Confidence can come in many forms."
Be careful about changing tenses too -- you switched on me with the Denny part of the story. With a few little improvements this will be even sweeter and a blessing to many.
Great ending and some great analogies, too.
Loved how you showed that her worth in Christ was where she became confident. What a confidence builder! There are so many hurting women who would be ministered to by this story.
You portrayed a good example of how life can affect our self-worth. Thanks for the happy ending.
Great story with a super message on "confidence".
I was really confused with your opening on where the POV was coming from. Probably just me:)
But, once I sorted it out, I had a grand time with your entry. God bless.
Enjoyed this. It did, however, almost feel like two different stories. Somehow it seemed to be in two different voices. I love Sally's idea about starting with "moon over my hammy" and structuring the story around that. I did enjoy it!
Touching end. Very good. I would agree that it was really two stories but on the upside, I felt that I really understood who the character was. So there was some good there.
Oh, the end of this story gave me goose bumps. Great job.

I was a little confused at the beginning as to who was who and what car they were getting into. It's probably just me. I got it all sorted out.

You covered a lot of ground for the word limit. I enjoyed the story very much.