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This is a beautiful story, right-on in "confident."
Oh, how I love stories that show the courage and confidence of unnoticed heroes all around us! I enjoyed reading this.
You had me in the story but then something was missing from the end. I think it was that you had her up on stage, she showed the book, and then she need to say more to the crowd, maybe to get her mom up on stage and hug her, or run down to her mom's seat? Nevertheless, you managed to capture the mind of the girl well and the setting too.
A good encouraging story for those who feel less confident. I loved the mother's sense of worth that she placed in the child.
You inspired me! I love when I read a story and it moves me. Great job. I look forward to reading more of your work.
An excellent story! Very well written! And is also creating "God moments" in the lives of the readers.
An excellent, uplifting story, well told. God bless.
This gave me goosebumps! I think it fits "confident" perfectly. There is nothing more unnerving or rewarding (at the very same time!) as going up on stage and telling your story. You captured a good deal of emotions and feeling in this piece. Good job!
I love the voice you gave her as a narrator, and the contrast of that voice with her voice as a speaker. I'm positive that you planned it that way, giving her a sort of forshadowing of her heavenly voice.

I have an adult brother with Down's Syndrome, and this really touched my heart.
This is lovely. It warmed my heart and the voice seemed just right.
I very much liked the character here. Very strong piece. I just really liked the voice. I wasn't thrilled with the present tense but that's a personal preference. Very movingpiece. You'll do well.
You had me in tears. This story gave me chills. I so admire the mother. What a great job she has done. I made a book like that similar for my oldest two children. I need to make two more. This is an inspiration to me. Very strong.