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As I was flipping through subjects for this week's challenge Joshua nearly leapt off the page as prime candidate among confident biblical characters. So glad now I didn't light there. You did an outstanding job with him.
When God comes onto the scene, we mere mortals instantly know who's in charge! Too bad we soon forget that nugget of truth; we could save ourselves some worry if we'd keep it in mind. :) I enjoyed this peek into Joshua's thoughts.
A good article on how Joshua may have reacted to his leadership position. I was a litte taken back with "dj-vu" and "hoopla" but then I haven't researched language for that period of time. It was well written anyhow.
Love it! I like how you made Joshua such a real person with real doubts. My favorite line: "This is a Moses moment.".
Loved your creativity. Way to capture our attention and keep it.
Interesting insights of what might have been going through Joshua's mind.
Great message. God bless.
I truly loved the whole story. It was so well written. You made Joshua's thoughts very believable.
WOW! This is amazing! Absolutely amazing! I love this view of Joshua. It's so down-to-earth and true. You cover a lot of fear and trust issues here and yet you manage to keep the voice and tone as someone we can all relate to. I enjoyed reading this very much, can't think of anything to change. Good job! ^_^
Enjoyed this very much - great job with Joshua's characterization. Gave me a new perspective on Joshua.
Way to get inside the head of this character. Well done and gave me a few chuckles!
My pastor just finished preaching the book of Joshua, so I loved this story. You brought Joshua to life for me. Great job!
This was so enlightening and yet fun to read and made me think differently about his story.. very creative and thought provoking.. Dianne
Neat!! I've often wondered how it was for Joshua--talk about 'big shoes to fill'! You put us in his head and heart, made us feel his churnings. Good job!!!
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! You got into Joshua's head as you got into mine - ain't it the truth.

God bless and keep writing.