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This kind of allegory never fails to touch me deeply and your creativity and skill made it more so. I loved the humor you incorporated into a timeless message.
LOL! I love this! It's so funny, the horse/zebra twist. This is cute! I love horses and Zebras, especially because they are so spirited! You captured that very nicely! One thing that was a little sketchy...was the mule a guy or girl? It could just be me, but I'm assuming it was a guy. ^_^ Otherwise, good job!
What a fun story, and one that would definitely appeal to children! I especially like the visual images you created throughout. Nice job.
You might have just written about a miracle here: "Mules and hinnies are almost always sterile" according to Wikipedia. But hey, other than that, and one missing word, I loved it great story.
I just went back to Wikipedia with another doubt: "In its common modern meaning, a mule is the offspring of a male donkey and a female horse, which is classified as a kind of F1 hybrid. The reverse, the offspring of a male horse and a female donkey, is called a hinny. " I'm being picky here, cause I really do love the story.
Cute story. This should be a good read for "kids". I should help build confidence.
Loved the ending! Very appealing and humorous characters through-out.
Cute story!
I love all the lessons in your story. It could really be used to teach children. Also, your title is so witty. Great job!
Loved this story. Just what I needed to brigten up my day and not give up on writing. I want to learn to do dialogue like this.. Thanks for the lesson... Simple but profound..! and loved the humor..
Very creative story, expertly written. I do think, though, the line
"The herd had wounded her to the very core and all her confidence had completely vanished."
could have been left out. You had already communicated that well enough in my opinion.
But, Great, imaginative story. A fun read with a catchy ending. God bless.
Very cute story. Loved the detail! I agree that it makes a lovely kid's story, with a nice lesson. The writing is superb, as usual, :).
Haha, I should have known this was yours :)Funny story and creative too.
Delightful - such a wonderful message - and I LOVE the last line! Fun.
This captures some very real emotions, especially in youngsters. Very good.
Oh, this is so great! It's such a perfect story for children and adults with a great message. I can think of few kids that I would like to share this with. I love the ending with the "zorbule" or "mebrorse". How funny.
***Congrats Teri!*** Way to write! ^_^
CONGRATS! Wonderful and delightful story, love the message!
Congratulations on the EC. I love the messsage in this. And your animal names at the end are priceless. Good job.