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This story touches on a topic that teens sometimes romanticize. The reality of choosing to die young, when life seems hopeless, reaches into more than just the teen's future but into the future of all those who know and love them. Good message.
Powerful. Loved this piece! You took a topic so many teen flicks have tried to lighten and cheapen and you made it real. Great job!
Wow - deep and extremely visual. Great descriptions.
The title caught my eye...had to read the story! I think it will appeal to teens as well as adults. The story is interesting and easy to follow. Great example that you don't always have to use teen jargon in a teen story, (which can sometimes be distracting)and still have a excellent story for teens!
I like how Beth chooses to go on with life and not miss major experiences for what may or may not be her true love.
This is a hauntingly beautfiul piece. (Pun unintended.) The descriptions were very vivid in the first couple of paragraphs, and I had no trouble visualizing the scene. This is a great piece for serious-minded teens, or those in a serious frame of mind, if even for a brief while. ;0)
I must admit that I've read this story before. I was just speechless. I didn't know what to say. I wondered where the guy's location was in the afterlife. Some of it didn't sound promising: his touch was very cold and he wouldn't, or couldn't say where he was. Also, God wouldn't allow Lazarus to go back to this world and warn his brothers, so what's this guy doing here? Could he be from Heaven? The signs were ominous. I was caught, offguard, and couldn't suspend my puzzlement enough to focus on the other message here: the drive to go forward, which is always toward the unknown. However, this gal was between two unknowns. Strangely, her past and her future both loomed out there, a mystery. (Usually we know about the past, but I guess this was a past with a future!) This was a deep story, a dance with the lure of death: to be done with the struggle that is life. At some times in our life it is tempting. Thanks for such a thought provoking read!
Well written but disturbing. I'm not sure I truly understood it.
Good article. Wonderful, picturesque writing.
Wow. I think I like this. There are a few things I wish could be explained more, like where their story started and how it ended and why and all of that. ^_^ I thought it was pretty good, but kind of sad at the same time. The title fits when you read the last bit at the bottom, just a thought-would it have worked better somewhere on the top? Anyhow, good job.
I too read this and was speechless. I usually don't read the other comments before I leave mine, but I did on yours. I agree completely with Marilee's comment, so I'll just say "ditto", and great writing!. :)