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Reading this makes me think of summer, and meeting new friends, and young love! It's just the way summer is for teens, but with a compassionate little twist.
Great story! I really want to hear the "other" story as well. The feelings expressed are so real. Good job.
Very good! (I was a little confused as to why they didn't room with their siblings?) Yes, I'd like to read the "other" story, too!
Just lovely. I was confused as to why Marcia had to be "the someone with Jakey" at camp, then didn't even take care of him, but that was minor. Great character development and slow development of that young love. And I too want the other story! Wonderful.
Oh, this is awesome! With your permission, I'd love to use this in my classroom short story unit. I know my students would love it, and it's a wonderful way to introduce a discussion of compassion, difference, siblings...just all sorts of riches to mine in here.
This very well written story is one to really bring out something for teens (and others) to think about. It should definitely be continued.
I liked this story. First, I did understand that there are probably "girl" cabins and "guy" cabins at camp even for the handicapped. What I liked the most was the story showed how God works through our sacrifice. The MC obviously wasn't too happy about ruining one week of her summer vacation, but her sacrifice was rewarded. And, yes, you need to write that "other story".
Oh this is so endearing and I love your way with words. Great job. I can hardly wait until the next story. You could really make this into a wonderful young people's short story or even movie. WOW! Keep up the writing-Love it!Janice
I have tears in my eyes. This is such a sweet,touching story.
You've got my interest now. I'd like to read more about what happens to both couples. Congrats on your placement.
Sandra, I LOVE this. So sweet! Your descriptions are perfect. Congratulations on your win.
Wonderful! You really captured Marcia's feelings. When do we get to hear more?
Congrats, dear Sandra!
A belated but very well-deserved congratulations, Sandy! As a judge, I was thrilled to learn this was yours!