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Teens are known to be drawn to the rebel without a cause, and your story points out why they should be drawn to Christ. He's a rebel with a cause and understands the heart of the young who can so easily see through Christian hypocrisy. The question, though, as your story indicates, is can they stand the light being shown on their own hypocrisy? Good thought-provoking story!
Ooooooh! I liked this very much. Teenagers can be very critical (and sometimes not without cause). You portrayed the problem and solution (as challenging as it is) very well. Good job.
Amazing characterization and voice. I love your approach, and this seems spot on for your intended audience.
Yessssss!!!! I loved it all, but from "My scrappy, messed-up people..." to the end, I REALLY loved it. That was NOT the direction I thought you would take.

Jaded teens everywhere should read this. It's great!
A rebel meets the Savior. What a great story.
Oh, my! Helen, you are TOO GOOD. This is an awesome entry. The ending twist had me laughing aloud. Beautiful.
Wonderful! I was a little unsure if I liked where I thought you were headed with this, but then the twist at the end was classic. Well done and well deserved win!
A moving story in many ways. Amazing how Jesus comes in many guises. Mahatma Ghandi once said that "To a hungry man, God will appear as bread."
This piece reveals a profound understanding of the nature of Christ, how he deeply loves, yet deeply grieves over his erring people. In spite of our failures and religiosity at times, he still uses us for His purposes. That's another part of Redemption I may never understand this side of Eternity.