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Wow! This is very good! I love the depth of the characters and the honesty about hurt and anger. I had written something similiar to this myself for this genre challenge but the light bulb of creativity didn't turn on until the last minute again.LOL. So,the deadline beat me to the punch and I didn't get to push submit until it was too late.Sigh.:0)Maybe I'll tweak it and submit it n the regular submission. Oh well.:0) God bless and keep up your writing. Very nice indeed!Janice
Nicely done, deep, imagery is good and moves well.

Although for 12-18 yr olds, I felt the last spoken words by the mother were unnecessary and took away from the whole b/c the story might be too deep for the 12-14 year old this sentence drives the point into, and the point was already there for the more mature YA's.

The ending was terrrific, I loved the offering. I also really liked this story overall. I thought the whole piece was so well done. That one sentence bugged me, but maybe that's just me.
This is great. So vivid and real. I loved the honesty of it. Super.
This is a powerful story about loss and acceptance and acknowledgement that being honest with God is a first step toward healing.
The ending was poweful. Good work.
So very vivid - and I love the symbolism throughout. Great ending too.
Teri, this is spectacular. Every emotion you show is so raw and so real. For an adult audience, I'd question the ever-so-quick resolution, but for teens, it's absolutely perfect. You nailed it.
Teri, this is wonderful. I love the characters, the honesty, even the resolution. Thanks for writing this.
This is one of the best written this week. I hope it places.
I really like the message that mother conveyed to daughter here. This is terrific writing.
Wonderfully written story. I especially liked the offering in the end, sometimes our only offering is our worst pains. Great writing and very blessed!
Teri-you captured a real teen right here. I dub it one of my faves for this week. It is absolutely amazing. There is so much emotion here. You had something and you kept it all the way through and the release at the end? perfect. Way to write!