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Well, being an avid tea-party-goer, I thoroughly enjoyed this delightful story. You captured the scene and scenario perfectly. Blessings.
I'm not an expert on tea parties, but if I could be a little girl again, I'd love reading this! I can imagine the pictures.:)
This is so sweet it makes my teeth ache--and I mean that in the best possible way. I absolutely fell in love with little Emma, carrying on so cutely in the background of this story. I think the best children's literature is that which parents (and grammas) can also read and enjoy, and this, my friend, is IT.

Now I'm going off to pout about not being a gramma yet. I need an Emma in my life!
Delightful and sweet. Can't wait until my little one is ready for tea parties! I'm sure she'd love this story even now!
I could see a younger girl reading this and telling her 'mum' she wanted to have a tea party, too. Don't think little boys would take to it much, though. LOL.

You do have a talent for setting up the scene so that the reader can picture it. Somehow in 750 words or less you gave us three pretty well-developed characters. Nice job.
I love a good tea-party! Grand and vivid writing!
Thanks for letting me stand in the corner of the room and observe a beautiful scene of little girls at play and a helpful Gramma. Such a pleaslure to read!
So sweet. I could just picture the three girls. They were so believable and real. I enjoyed this so much.
How I remember those tea parties. Something a little girl never forgets. Little girls will love this.
As usual I am amazed at your gift. You have an awesome ability to draw the reader in and give him/her a place to delight.Well Well done