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Any parent can relate and any youngster will like to read this! Cute and soooo true.
THIS-is--so-good! It's perfect! And I can see myself reading this to my kids! Yep - it's good, it's good!
So cute - great perspective and SO genuine! Fun stuff!
This brought back lots of precious memories of when our children were small. Love it!
"and for good measure -- washed my feet." Love IT!

I hadn't read many entries this week, because I'm so past kiddie lit in my own life, but pieces like this one make me glad I've read the hints. It's just so very, very good. Perfection.
I had a kid just like this!! It was fun to read. :)
This was a super-delightful children's story that kids will love. I loved it, too--guess I still have lots of kid left in me !
I remember my kids acting that way and acting that way myself.
Did you study my children for your story? Bedtime can be a real challenge at our house. Towers of Legos is so familiar. I loved it because it was so truthful. It was fun also. Thanks!
HA! I had to laugh because our 6 yr old daughter, though she has the face of a little angel with big blue eyes and pink cherub cheeks is quite the little drama queen. The daily events of going to bed or eating her meal has often been a battle that would put David, of the Bible to the test.:0)LOL. I like the flow of rhythym and how the dad backed mom up. Bravo! Nice job! Janice
LOL! I know quite a few little kids who have that same 'show' every night. I can't help saying "Cute and Fun" The ryhme was good, was 'fried' on purpose or a typo? Otheriwse, I liked it. The character of Dad is just wonderful.