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Beautifully done. It may run a bit too deep for a child, but I loved it all!
Lovely message and format. This might work for pre-teens, I think.
You're an awesome poet!
Awww, the poor thing!

I think you analyzed your own work perfectly in your hint--but what you neglected to say was that it's also a superb piece of work. Slightly off-target doesn't diminish its value in the least as a perfect little object lesson.
I think the author may have been an artist in a former life. :) When you look at the poem is has form. Then when you read the poem, the descending stanza's fly off the tongue like you're flitting down a staircase. I think we can learn a lot from Sister Mouse's message of "Don't fear, just believe".
This would be perfect for junior high age. It's beautifully written--great poetry.
Pure Poetry with Pathos. You have just championed the race of rhodents.
Baybe with illustrations (and the stepped stanzas which are masterly done here) this could impact older children, giving them an appreciation for poetry, as well as the humbler mammals.
That's "maybe" not "baybe".
A typo, not the common cold. :)