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I think this is a wonderful beginning of a book for 'tweens. I enjoyed the format and it's relevant to an 11-13 year old's environment. I hope you plan to write the rest of the story!
Liked the format of telling the story in e-mails.
I enjoyed the email format - but I need MORE! I agree, this is a great start, and I hope you are going to finish it outside the challenge.
Loved it. I felt for everyone involved. In printed form if something could set apart each writer, perhaps a different font or something, it might read a tad easier. Keep going and finish the story! :-)
I like the format. If you expand it, maybe add the date to the e-mail, too? (If you have a bigger word count.) Nice job, the voices sound real!
Good job. I like the email format for an idea,imaginative and the written conversation between adolescent and grandma is delightful and very realistic.I'm waiting for more to come. You have to write a second chapter on this. It would make a great preteen to early teen book for girls.God bless,Janice
Very nice. I love the gran's email address! Too funny. The voices were so authentic. The girl talked like a girl, the gran a gran and the mother a mother. Great job. I want to know what happens! I have so many questions!
I enjoyed this vey much and would love to read more. What a lesson is here for a child who's facing a bully. The story needs to be finished!
What a great and very moving story! And what an imaginative format! Won't forget this one too quickly.
This would start a debate, I'm sure, about Gran's wisdom in informing the parents or not. Some would say she should have given as much counsel as she could without "betraying confidences" and prayed hard. Others may maintain she was right to break confidence in this case, especially if the bullies became violent. Only God knows for sure. Miss your writing, Val.