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Cute story, but I especially love your portryal of the neighbor. What a picture of grace!
I also like the neighbor! Every boy could use an understanding lady like her in his life...especially the adventuresome boys!
Love the neighbor, AND your MC. He seemed perfectly characterized for his age and gender.
Haha, great story! Love it.
This was delightful! I grinned all the way through it. I believe I may have ended it one sentence sooner, but that's purely opinion. It's quite charming and never goes exactly where I expected it to go.
This is one of those sweet stories that won't soon be forgotten. I think I would have preferred a little more showing and a little less telling, but it didn't really take away from the story.
I agree with the other posters that the neighbor is a gem. Very well done.
I loved Commander Devin Dawson--I had one just like him once as long time ago! A delightful story.
Love this! Wonderful story! I sure can relate as my middle son sounds alot like this little guy.Grin. Great story of a lesson learned. I agree with what was mentioned before, that his neighbor could have easily given him a scolding and told on him, but her reaction and assistance ministered to him and taught him more than if she would have done otherwise. Let's show the grace of the Lord more ourselves.:0) Thx for the lesson.God bless,Janice
This was so much fun. I can just picture the little boy with the army toys. My son loves to play with his army toys and always makes a mess with the water hose. Very real. Great job!
Love the gift-wrapped message, a lesson worth embracing for both the young...and not-so-young!
I was a little worried about him being home alone at nine. But I guess the neighbor was keeping a good eye out. Other than that, this was a great story. And the neighbor was special.